ContentCache Central

Avantis ContentCache Central™

Sorry, ContentCache is not available from Kintronics.

We used to sell these servers, but today we focus on network-attached security systems. Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

ContentCache Central™, is a product aimed at district level administrators, to allow them to centrally manage a large number of Avantis appliances installed at remote sites.

This server opens up a whole new world of functionality and ease of use for administrators of multiple ContentCaches, such as content publishers.

ContentCache Central allows an authorized Local Education Authority Administrator to: deploy content; view and change settings; monitor statistics & performance;

install software updates from Avantis, software patches and security fixes. This can be conducted on individual caches or on a multitude of caches at the same time.

ContentCache Central can manage edge caches but can also be used to manage hierarchical caches at the LEA and even at hub locations between LEA and schools.

ContentCache Central offers the following powerful key features:

Empowering the Edge Cache

Unlike competitive content delivery systems, the ContentCache Central system

requires no additional hardware other than the edge cache. Under control of the

ContentCache Central software, ContentCache edge caches are fully empowered

to retrieve all the content they require to achieve content delivery. Additional upstream hierarchical cache layers need only operate as dynamic web caches to provide the full acceleration and bandwidth saving benefits of a hierarchical content delivery system.

Remote Administration

Provides a single User Interface through which one or many ContentCache appliances can be remotely administered and monitored.

Minimize Unnecessary Engineer Site Visits

Deployment of ContentCache Central reduces the need for engineers to visit site to

change settings or install content saving time, money and trouble.

Content Delivery

You can set up centrally-managed content jobs and content channels/categories

which can then be deployed to one or more ContentCache edge caches, to implement content delivery.

Firewall Safe

ContentCache Central communicates with the caches on a pull basis initiated by the

caches themselves using HTTP on port 80. These communications pass through firewalls without the need for reconfiguration.

Instant Response

Unlike competitive solutions, the ContentCache Central system displays live information. Settings are implemented instantly when applied.

Software Only

Quick to install with no additional expensive hardware.

Windows Application

Provides a superior faster mechanism to view and control the large volume of

information presented in a system of this kind. Far superior to web-based central management and content delivery systems.

Deploy Software Updates and Patches.  ContentCache Central can be used to deploy new software versions to one or more ContentCache appliances.

All these features add up to a powerful tool for LEA administrators saving thousands of pounds in engineer time.

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