SmartStor Jukeman

SmartStor Jukeman software is no longer available.  It was used to control optical jukeboxes and libraries.  Please take a look at the replacement optical library management software products that are used to manage and control the latest blu-ray libraries.

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

SmartStor Jukeman was a complete read/write archival storage solution for multiple UNIX platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, and Linux. SmartStor Jukeman was completely media independent, which meant that users were free to configure any combination of MO, WORM, CD, or DVD device on a single server, and view the entire configuration as one large network storage repository. SmartStor Jukeman was easy to install and use, and provided a common interface to document imaging, COLD, prepress, legal, e-mail archive, audio, video-on-demand, banking, health care, web-based storage, and other data-intensive applications.

SmartStor provided comprehensive support for optical drives, libraries, and jukeboxes.

The content information from all of the discs in a file system is bound and presented as the SmartStor file system to the network.  This can be presented to the network as a mount point.  When this location is expanded, a view of the SmartStor file system is presented.

Please check the latest technology for enhancing and upgrading your network and computer systems:  Optical Bluray-Jukeboxes, IP Camera Systems, Door access control, Network attached Intercoms, and IP paging systems.

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