Hanwha NVR Solutions for IP Camera Systems

Comparison of WAVE and Wisenet NVR servers

There are several Network Video Recorders (NVRs) available from Hanwha. The NVRs range in size from four cameras to over sixty-four cameras. You can select either the Wisenet NVR that or the WAVE NVR solution.

NVRs from Hanwha
NVRs from Hanwha

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Select the NVR Features You Require

  • Select an NVR with a PoE network connection for each connected camera or select one that uses an external network switch.
  • Choose the Wisenet NVR or the WAVE NVR
  • The Wisenet NVR doesn’t require any camera licenses while the WAVE NVR do have camera licenses required.
  • Select the Wisenet NVR if you need
    • Simplified controls
    • Easy installation.
  • Select the WAVE NVR to get advanced features such as:
    • The Events & Rules Engine that allows users to configure System Actions based on specific Events
    • Automatic Device Fail-over,
    • Smart Motion Search.
    • Merge Multiple Systems. The Merge function allows users to expand an existing system using an unlimited number of Servers.
    • Increase reliability with RAID

Examples of NVR systems available:

ModelCameras and FeaturesVideo Storage
Wisenet NVR
Up to 4CH 8MP Cameras with PoE portsUp to 6TB
Wisenet NVR
Up to 16CH with PoE ports, Supports up to 32-megapixel camera resolutionUp to 24TB
Wisenet NVR
Up to 32CH, Supports up to 32-megapixel camera resolutionUp to Eight internal HDDs
Wisenet NVR
Up to 64CH, Support 4K video out on HDMI monitor. Available with RAID (R)Up to Eight internal HDDs
– WAVE optimized 2U rack server
– Up to 64CH,
– Support 4K video out on HDMI monitor.
– Preloaded and configured with Wisenet WAVE VMS
Up to 416TB of Raw Storage, 26 hot-swap hard drives
– Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 configurations  
WAVE Client Workstation
This client workstation is a micro form factor, easy to deploy solution that can be used on-site or remotely to access your WAVE video recorder. 
Comparison of NVR Models

Network Video Recorders are a convenient method for recording surveillance video from your IP camera system. The WAVE servers include WAVE video management software (VMS). Please look at our Review of Video Management and Recording Systems to learn more.

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