CCTV Video Cameras

Analog and Special Video Cameras

Sometimes you need a special camera that is not available as an IP camera (with built in network connectivity). These analog cameras can be connected to the network using a separate video encoder (or camera server).Here are some examples of what’s available. We know that each system will be different. That’s why we provide the free engineering and consulting so you will get exactly what you need.

For example, you can select special thermal imaging cameras that pick up the heat image of objects in total darkness. These advanced cameras have been used by the military for many years. You may have heard the term FLIR which means Forward Looking InfraRed which was used in airplanes. A thermal camera and an optical camera can be used in one system allowing viewing during the day or night. If you need to see a vehicle over one mile away, in total darkness, then this is the camera equipment you need. The cameras use a video encoder to connect to the network and become part of a complete IP camera system.

Once you have selected the cameras you can select video recording system. The recording system uses video management software (VMS) that runs on your own Windows computer or a complete Network Video Recorder (NVR) that includes the computer and software in one package.

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Special Video Cameras

Waterproof Bullet Camera

There are a number of bullet cameras that can be used in all types of weather and some that can be submerged. These cameras include special pressurized housing to keep them from filling with water.  As an example the ProVideoB/W Waterproof Bullet with Infrared LED Lighting includes a 60 Ft Cable. This B/W weatherproof CCTV camera is 100% waterproof with underwater operation capabilities to a 90 feet maximum.


3.6mm fixed focus lens, infrared LEDS
Built- in electronic iris
Encased in black brass housing
Comes with a clip-on sun shield. A mounting bracket 60 ft. cable and 12V DC power supply are included
Available in white with 3 ft. cable (CVC-320WP/W) and in black (CVC-320WP/B)
Model also available with 10 IR LEDs and 120 ft cable under model number CVC-321WP
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Waterproof Bullet Camera

Covert Smoke Detector Camera

Do you need a camera that no one can see? There are a number of ways to add a covert camera to your camera system. Small Analog cameras can be placed inside equipment that doesn’t look like a camera. There are covert cameras in smoke detectors, wall clocks or PIR units.One example is the ProVideo CVC-560SD which looks like a smoke detector:


1/4″ color CCD high resolution color video camera
Hidden inside a smoke detector
Features a 1.0 lux low light sensitivity
350 line resolution
3.6mm lens with built-in electronic iris
A 12V DC power supply is included


ProVideo CVC-560SD

Covert Pinhole Camera

Most of the covert cameras that are hidden inside other equipment use pin-hole cameras. You can use just the pin-hole camera and place it behind a wall. These camera don’t have very good resolution because of the simple lens but are effective in certain applications. One example is the VCH7P4


3.7mm SUPERCONE (VCH7P4) • 0.2LUX / f2.0
BLACK METAL CASE 1- 3/16” X 1- 3/16”
OPTIONAL LENSES: P1 =3.7mm CONE, P2 = 2.8mm SUPERCONE, P43 =4.3mm CONE, P28F= FLAT 2.8mm, P5 = SUPERCON

VCH7P4 Pinhole Camera

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging cameras use infrared or heat spectrum to see in total darkness. These special cameras have been used by the military for many years. Recently they have come down in price and can be used by police and fire departments. Thermal Imaging cameras are used when there is no light available from either an IR illuminator or standard lighting. They are available with IP network connectivity.

These thermal cameras are sensitive to long wavelength (8-12 micron) light, and are intended for use in all weather applications.

Cooled thermal cameras provide better sensitivity than uncooled thermal cameras, but cost more.  Even though the uncooled thermal cameras cost less, they still provide high quality imagery for high security applications.  This type of thermal imager will detect thermal activity in total darkness, through smoke, dust, blowing sand, fog and other obscurants.

These versatile, high performance imagers meet a wide variety of needs in a small, lightweight, military approved package. Straight forward inputs and outputs to the camera provide ease of integration.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

Very Low Light Cameras

If you have a very low light application and don’t want to use a thermal camera or add IR illumination, you can use a BW camera with extreme low light sensitivity. These camera still need some light but some can operate with the light from the moon. Here is an example of a very sensitive low light camera.The GW-902H is a very sensitive low light camera. With highly sensitive CCD sensor, visibility is assured in conditions with a minimum illumination of 0.0003 lx.


3 times more sensitive (940nm) in the near-infrared wavelength
2.5 times more sensitive in the visible ray wavelength
Smear can be reduced by approx. -10dB.
High resolution: 380K(EIA) 440K(CCIR) pixels (570 horizontal TV lines)

GW-902H Low Light Camera

Technical Support

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