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An IP Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera is a network attached video camera that can move under control of computer mouse, joystick, software, or in an automatic patrol mode. It has the ability to move left and right (pan) and up and down (tilt). It also includes a zoom lens that can be remotely controlled from the computer or NVR. Many of the new PTZ cameras include an IR illuminator so it can be used in total darkness. The PTZ camera is used in an IP camera system that includes video management software (VMS) or Network Video Recorder (NVR).

These PTZ cameras connect to your network and are excellent for viewing large areas. They can be placed in auto-patrol modes where they automatically step through predetermined positions. If motion is detected, the optional IP NVR software can be set to record the video until motion is stopped. The following chart provides the pros and cons of the various PTZ cameras available. Please contact us for help in selecting the right PTZ camera for your application.


Hanwha (Samsung) PTZ Cameras

Samsung PTZ camera

The Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras from Hanwha (spin-off from Samsung) range in performance from the economical cameras with 12X optical zoom to the high performance 8 Megapixel (4K) PTZ cameras with 20X optical zoom. You can select indoor or outdoor models with a variety of mounting brackets.

Hanwha’s new 2-megapixel PTZ IP camera provides amazing long-range viewing and includes a built-in IR illuminator with a range of over 500m (1,640ft).  The combination of 55X optical zoom, wide dynamic range (120 dB), makes this the best choice against competing brands such as Axis, Hikvision, and Panasonic.


Sony PTZ Cameras

Sony IP PTZ camera

These cameras provide very smooth PTZ movement. Sony is a well-known brand, and it has introduced a number of high-performance IP cameras. Take a look at all the Sony Cameras available.

Sony PTZ IP Camera with Wide Dynamic Ranges

This new family of PTZ cameras includes high-resolution megapixel IP cameras and, excellent low light performance and wide dynamic range. You can select 1 megapixel or 2-megapixel PTZ cameras with 30X optical zoom.

There is a choice of indoor or outdoor-ready PTZ cameras. They feature high-speed pan and tilt motion, excellent low light sensitivity, and good wide dynamic range (WDR).


Axis PTZ IP Cameras

Axis PTZ camera

Axis was the first company to introduce IP cameras, but today there are many other IP camera companies such as Hanwha and Hikvision that sell more cameras.   Take a look at their full line of PTZ products.  They have a variety of PTZ cameras, from economical P5532 to the full features Q60 series.

Many of the PTZ cameras can be powered using PoE, but some require special high powered power over Ethernet (PoE+).


Day Night PTZ Cameras

SNP-6320RH PTZ Cameras

These night-vision IP camera systems include built-in IR illumination that allows them to see in total darkness. These standard night vision PTZ network-attached cameras feature up to 55 X optical zoom lens with 850nm IR illuminator. They are excellent for covert nighttime security applications.  PTZ with IR is available from Hanwha and other manufacturers.

There are a number of PTZ models that provide the performance required for specific applications. The PTZ camera with 55X zoom and advanced IR has a nighttime range of 500 m (1600 ft.). When you need to see in complete darkness, this is an excellent camera for the job. The camera and IR illuminator are mounted on the same pan-tilt mechanism.

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Long-Range PTZ Camera

Long-range PTZ cameras include optical cameras with longer lenses and laser illumination or thermal imaging cameras that can see in total darkness.

There are off-the-shelf PTZ cameras that can identify targets that are almost 1 mile away (1.5Km).

There are custom-made models long-range PTZ cameras that can identify an object that’s over 5-miles away (3Km). The custom-made very long-range camera systems provide very long-range capability.  The PTZ camera systems can be designed with special high-resolution IP cameras, very long zoom lenses (over 2000mm) and special laser IR illuminator to allow you to see about 5000 m at night. Since these are all network-attached IP camera systems they can be integrated into a complete IP security system.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Select from military or commercial grade cameras that can see even when there’s no light. Thermal imaging cameras detect energy emitted from objects so intruders can be seen night or day. Objects can be seen through fog, smoke, sand, rain, and snow. The camera systems can be combined with optical cameras to create a very effective long-range detection system.