Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are used with doors that can’t use electric strikes, or where you would like to monitor the movement of people.  In high-security areas, you can use a reader on both sides of a door to control access in and out of the secure area.

The locking mechanisms use an electromagnetic and armature plate to secure the door.  The electromagnet is attached to the door frame while the armature plate is attached to the door. These locks usually require some exit release mechanisms such as Request to Exit (REX), motion detector of even fire alarm release.

A current passes through the electromagnetic so that it is magnetically attracted to the armature plate holding the door closed. The magnetic strength can provide over 1500 lbs. of holding force. Locks with a higher magnetic force can be used to secure an outer door, while lower force locks can be used to secure inner doors. The maglocks should be controlled by a fire control panel to assure that they release in an emergency. These locks work with our Access Control systems and can be easily integrated with our IP cameras providing a complete security system solution.

Magnetic Lock
Mag LockDE8310 Provides all-in-one delayed egress for single out-swinging doors. Options include a built-in camera, alarm sound, and voice audio.

Here is a list of some magnetic locks that are available:

DE8310 For Single Outswinging Perimeter Doors. Includes all-in-one delayed egress
EW8310 Early warning For Single Out-swinging Interior or Perimeter Doors
8310 MuliMag For Single Out-swinging Interior or Perimeter Doors
8320 MuliMag For Double Outswinging Interior or Perimeter Doors
8310-IQ IntelliMag For Single Outswinging Interior or Perimeter Doors with Individually encoded armature
8320-IQ IntelliMag For Double Outswinging Interior or Perimeter Doors with Individually encoded armature
8365 Mortise MicroMag For Sliding Doors on Drawers or Small Enclosures
8380 GateMag For Single or Double Swinging or Sliding Interior or Exterior Gates

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