Electric Locks

High Security Electric Door locks Integrate with Access Control Systems and Cameras to Provide a Complete Security System

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Magnetic locks and Electric Strikes
Electric locks are part of your door access control system. There are a variety of automated door locking systems available from Rutherford Controls. You can select either a magnetic lock or electric strike to secure a door.

Magnetic locks are used in high-security areas where you need to monitor the movement of people. Since people are required to use their access cards in both directions, you can track who enters and leaves a secure area.

Electric strikes are easy to install and are used to secure outer and inner doors, but do not prevent egress from an area like the magnetic lock. It replaces the fixed strike place in a standard lock.

Special Cabinet Locks are available as well. For example, we have small locks that can be used to secure cabinets. These can be used to lock everything from filing cabinets to drug cabinets.

There are a variety of locks available for many different applications. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right lock for your requirements. We don’t just sell at the lowest price, we also provide valuable technical support to make sure you get the right products.

These locks work with our Access Control systems, and integrate with our IP cameras providing a complete security system solution.

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic Lock

Electric Strike

Electric Strike

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