Comparison of Face Recognition, and Temperature Access Control Panels

Biometric and Body Temperature Access Control

These door access reader-controllers not only provide face recognition credential authentication, but they can also check a person’s temperature and check if they are wearing a mask.

Face Recognition and Temperature Systems
Face Recognition and Temperature Systems

There are several temperature screening devices available including handheld thermometers, thermal scanning cameras that measure many people at a time, and entry panels that check each person at the door. The individual door panels are the most popular.

Designed for today’s demands to improve safety in our organizations, these touchless temperature screening devices help maintain a safe environment in schools, hospitals, corporations, and government facilities. The following comparison guide will help you determine the right panel for your application.  

Temperature and Mask Access Control Buyers Guide


Face Recognition and Temperature Reader

This is a network-attached biometric door reader that provides face authentication and temperature monitoring. It can prevent the entry of a person that has an elevated temperature or if they are not wearing a protective face mask.

Best Application for the FaceBio

It is best used in standalone applications that monitor people’s temperature or wearing a mask. The panel can be wired to an electric lock or integrated with an existing access control system.

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This advanced model includes a touchscreen that makes it very easy to install. The network-attached panel can be configured from the touchscreen or the web browser interface. It can be integrated with other door access systems using the Wiegand interface. It also measures a person’s temperature even when they are wearing a mask. The mobile app provides immediate notification of alarm conditions.  

Best Application for the FaceBioPro

This panel is best used when you need one that can connect to an access control system. It also can be used as a standalone entry control system that can measure a person’s temperature even when they are wearing a mask.

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Temperature and Door Access

The MultiBio panel not only includes face recognition, but it also provides palm recognition to enhance the biometric door access. Optional Door access control software and visitor management software are available to provide very powerful door access control solutions. It also provides a touchscreen for easy configuration.

Best Application for the MultiBio

The MultiBio is the best when you would like to integrate with other biometric door access control readers, or require integration with a visitor management system.  It is also the best choice when multiple doors share the same face credentials.

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Face and Temperature Screening Comparison Chart





Face RecognitionYesYesYes
Palm RecognitionNoNoYes
Read Time SpeedApprox. 0.5 -2 secApprox. 0.5 secApprox. 0.5 sec
Web Browser User InterfaceWorks in most browsersWorks best in IE browser NA
Wiegand In (Door Reader)NoYesYes
Wiegand Out (to Controller)YesYesYes
Management SoftwareSimple face credential database Enhanced Video and Face Management Software Advanced Access Control Software with the ability to share face credentials as well as card credentials. The system can be enhanced with optional access control management software and visitor management software
Touchscreen InterfaceNoYesYes
Temperature scanning applicationsReading the temperature with a mask is not as reliable as the othersMeasures temperature when a person is wearing a maskMeasures temperature when a person is wearing a mask
ApplicationsStandalone temperature and mask DetectionApplications with integration with other IP camera and access control systemsApplication with multiple doors. integration with other IP camera and access control systems, and visitor management system


Visitor Management and Temperature Entry Control Integration

This visitor management system can be added to the MultiBio panel.

Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System

Visitor authentication and management systems enhance the safety and security of your organization. Today’s heightened interest in security and health has resulted in the need for visitor authentication. With the addition of access control panels and kiosks, you can provide temperature monitoring and protective mask detection.

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Temperature Screening Panel Resources

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Touchless Door Entry Control describes some of the ways to control the spread of disease by reducing contact with surfaces. Biometric systems that use fingerprints, palm recognition, or finger-vein are being replaced by face recognition.

Temperature Screening Videos

FaceBio Video: Provides a demonstration of how the TVIP-FaceBio works. 

MultiBio Video: Provides a demonstration of the TVIP-MultiBio

Automated Contact Tracing to Increase Safety

To help you stay safe, take a look at the contact tracing system that provides the automated health tracing required in today’s environment. 

Automated Contact Tracing System

The system provides accurate, reliable, and easy-to-implement contact tracing in the workplace. It keeps a record of all the people who come into contact with each other. It allows employers to safely bring their employees back to the office while reducing the risk of a future shutdown due to infected employees.

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