IP Camera Systems

Review and Comparison of IP Camera Systems

An IP camera system consists of IP cameras, the right lenses, the proper enclosures, the network, and the video recording system. IP camera systems are used in businesses, schools, hospitals, the government, the military, and other organizations.

IP Camera Systems Concept Illustration
IP Camera Systems Concept Illustration

We Provide IP Surveillance Systems with Free Consulting

The IP camera systems include everything from the camera lens to the network switch and computer systems for recording the video. There are several types of IP cameras such as fixed dome, bullet, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), panoramic, and thermal.

Whether you need to purchase one IP camera or an IP camera system integrated with a door access control system or intercoms, we provide free consulting, excellent pricing, and support.

Select the IP Camera | Video Recording System | Integration with Other Security Systems

Select the IP Camera

IP Camera Surveillance Systems for Business, Schools, Hospitals, and Other Organizations

IP Camera Chart | Wireless Cameras | PTZ Cameras | Long-Range Cameras

Samsung IP Surveillance Camera

The IP Camera Selection Chart compares IP cameras from a number of manufacturers such as Axis, Hanwha (Samsung), Hikvision, IQinvision, Sony and others.

We provide a review of the IP Camera performance and compare pricing to assure you get the best camera for your application. We suggest the best IP camera systems for business, healthcare, schools, military, and government applications.

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PTZ cameras can be used in a variety of applications. These pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras are excellent for long-range viewing applications. We provided a comparison of the IP PTZ cameras available from Samsung, and Sony, as well as special long-range cameras with IR illumination ….

Special Long-Range PTZ Cameras provide long lenses, IR illumination and thermal cameras for nighttime viewing. Learn more…

Select the Wireless Camera. The comparison compares the options available for wireless connection of the IP CCTV cameras.  The chart reviews the two ways to provide a wireless connection.  We also provide solar power solutions for wireless cameras that are in remote locations …


Video Recording System

IP camera systems include a video recording system. Do you need Video Management Software, an NVR or Cloud Services? The comparison table and Buyers Guide for IP video recording systems reviews which recording system is best for you.

IP Video Recording System

IP Video Management Software

The video software (VMS) runs on your computer and controls video display, video recording, retrieval, motion detection, alarms, etc. There are many IP camera recording software products available. The information we provide helps you purchase the right product for your IP camera system.

NVR Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder (NVR) System

The Network Video Recorder System is a complete system that includes the computer, storage, and VMS software. This complete system allows you to view and manage video on the network. It is an alternative to using the VMS software on your own computer.

We sell a choice of open NVR systems or proprietary recording systems from Hikvision, Hanwha (Samsung), and other manufacturers.


Accessories for IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Accessories

Camera accessories are part of the complete IP camera system. You can buy mounting brackets, IR illuminators, microphones, speakers, or even a network extension system.

We have a family of housings that support network IP cameras.  For example, the special stainless steel enclosures provide protection in the harshest environments. The enclosures protect cameras from the very high temperature of blast furnaces or rocket launches.  The special explosion-proof enclosures allow you to use IP cameras in areas with risk of explosion, such as refineries, gas pipelines, oil tankers, offshore platforms, industrial processes, chemical industries, etc. 

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Camera Enclosures

Environmental enclosures that are made for all types of cameras protect your cameras from the weather. There are also special enclosures for explosion-proof environments.

Lenses for Megapixel IP Cameras

Choose a variable, fixed, megapixel, or standard lens that is compatible with high resolution and Day/night cameras.

Video Encoders or Camera Encoders for IP Camera Systems

IP Video Encoder

Do you have older analog CCTV cameras that you would like to upgrade?   You can use a video encoder to attach the old camera to the network.

You can select a single-channel or multi-channel encoder from Axis, or Hanwha (Samsung).

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Integrate IP Camera Systems with Other Security System

License Plate Recognition | Door Access Control | IP Intercoms

IP Camera System Video Integration
IP Camera System Video Integration

Video Management Software (VMS) can integrate with other security systems such as Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and biometric access control such as Facial Recognition systems.

The system software from C2P convergence provides real-time integration and adds a searchable database.  It can be used to integrate an IP door access control system or door intercom system with your IP camera system.

Panic buttons can be added to IP camera systems to provide immediate notification of security problems. The buttons can be placed in strategic locations or can be mobile. The new mobile panic buttons provide instant notification to the security staff. The IP camera system can be used to verify threats to the organization.

LPR with License Plate

License Plate Recognition System (LPR)

The license plate capture system includes the sophisticated conversion from an image to digitized computer data that can be compared to a database. LPR analytics is built into some IP camera systems. 

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Add Door Access Control and Intercoms to Create a Complete Security System

Door Access Control

Security can be improved when door access control and intercoms are added to your IP camera system.

Door access control assures that only registered people can enter the doors. Intercoms can control entry of visitors.

These combined systems maximize the safety and security in hospitals, schools, government, military, and other organizations.  

Now it’s easier than ever to install a door access control system using your existing Ethernet network. It can be easily integrated with an IP video surveillance security system. Take a look at the latest integration using C2P convergence software.


IP Intercoms for Manual Door Control

Intercoms attach to IP cameras or directly to the network. There are network-attached video intercoms that provide a completely integrated solution for manually unlocking the door.

IP cameras and door access control can be integrated in a number of different ways. Take a look at the article How to Integrate Door Access and IP Camera Systems. The article reviews all the ways to integrate these systems.

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Long-Range and Night Vision Cameras

Thermal and optical secuirty_ptz_camera

Long-range PTZ surveillance cameras that work day or night are available with optical IP cameras, thermal imaging cameras, or both. These dual sensor systems can view objects that are miles away in total darkness. There are also PTZ cameras with built-in IR illumination that can be used to see about 600 ft. away.

Our long-range IP camera systems are used by the military to view borders, military operations, and rocket launches.

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Long-Range Optical PTZ cameras with IR

The very long-range optical IP camera systems include night-vision capability. The camera systems include high-resolution sensors, very long zoom lenses, and unique laser IR illuminators that allow you to see details that are over two miles away. It attaches to your network and can be integrated into a complete security system. Learn more …

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Select from military or commercial grade cameras that can see even when there’s no light. Thermal imaging cameras detect energy emitted from objects so intruders can be seen night or day. Objects can be seen through fog, smoke, sand, rain, and snow. Learn more …

Night Vision IR PTZ cameras

Night Vision IR PTZ cameras allow you to see in the dark. These networked PTZ cameras with IR illuminator allow you to see over 180 meters (600 feet) away. Learn more …


Analytic and Specialized Surveillance Systems

IP camera systems are getting more intelligent every day.   There are analytic camera functions that can create an alarm when someone leaves a package in the bus station or lobby,

There are systems that can read license plate numbers so you can match them to a database and others that automatically recognize a person’s face.

Thermal cameras can see objects in total darkness and long-range cameras can see for miles

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IP Camera System Concept
IP Camera System Concept

Face Recognition with Temperature Screening

This biometric door reader includes an IP camera that can be integrated with your IP camera system. It provides face authentication and temperature monitoring. It can prevent the entry of a person that has an elevated temperature or if they are not wearing a protective face mask.

Designed for organizations that need door access control as well as a way to screen people as they enter a secure area.

The biometric door reader includes an embedded thermal camera and the latest face recognition algorithm.

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Specialized CCTV Analog Cameras

Special cameras for very low light or no light conditions are described. We compare hidden cameras, covert cameras, thermal imaging cameras, IR cameras, etc. Learn more …

Complete City Surveillance System

This complete police, city surveillance system includes fixed or Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) IP cameras, NVR computer system with up to 1 TB of storage all in stainless steel environmental enclosure with blue light. Select from day/night, megapixel cameras or a variety of PTZ network cameras. Learn more …

Covert Cameras

A covert camera is designed to look like something else. Pin-hole cameras can be placed behind the wall or inside a pole providing hidden surveillance.

The covert camera can look like a clock, sprinkler system, or smoke detector. These cameras are used when you don’t want anyone to know there is surveillance.

Many covert cameras are analog but can attach to the network using a video encoder.

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Covert surveillance camera

Covert IP Cameras

These hidden or covert type IP cameras don’t look like standard dome or bullet IP cameras. They are classified as hidden cameras. You can select pole cameras, tiny cameras, and door cameras that can monitor people as they enter your facility.

Covert Cameras
Covert Cameras

IP covert cameras are available from Hanwha and Axis. These 2-megapixel cameras provide better performance than the older analog type hidden cameras.


What is an IP Camera System?

The IP Camera System consists of a set of IP cameras, a video storage system, network switches and routers.

The IP camera includes an appropriate lens, a video processing component, analytic computer, and an interface to the IP network. The camera sends the digital coded video over the network to a recording and monitoring system. The video storage system provides management of all the cameras, video storage, and display of the real-time and recorded video.

IP camera systems for business applications are different than home applications. The IP cameras for business provide higher performance and increased capability. The IP camera systems include the video recording system and many different types of cameras. The right camera depends on your application. The factors that affect the IP surveillance system include where you want to mount the surveillance camera, the details you need to see, the lighting, the distance from the camera and many other factors.

IP camera systems are also called CCTV surveillance camera systems, but the “IP” indicates they connect to the network rather than a coax cable. The IP camera system is one part of a complete security system.

What IP Camera System is Right for You?

How do you make sure you get the right equipment?  The first step is setting your objectives. Objectives include how large an area you need to view, do you want to identify a person’s face, day or nighttime surveillance, and more. Please read Technical Note: Defining the Objectives for Your IP Camera System to learn more.

The IP camera security system consists of many items that need to work together.  It’s important to make sure that everything is compatible. 

Take a look at the components below, and then contact us for assistance. We will be happy to make sure you get everything you need. Not only do we provide a complete IP camera security solution, but we also include free IP camera consulting services.

We provide technical advice and consulting that assures that you purchase exactly the right IP camera system you need.

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IP Camera Security Systems
IP Camera Security Systems