PTZ IR IP Cameras

PTZ Network Camera with IR Illumination

PTZ IP camera with IRNight vision IP camera systems provide surveillance in total darkness. These network attached PTZ camera systems include built in IR illumination.  There are a number of standard models available, and configurable models that provide a choice of 940nm, 850nm IR or white light illumination.   All these PTZ cameras include smooth and accurate 360° of rotation with remarkable speeds.

Do you need to see very far away?  If you need a system that can see up to 5 miles away, take a look at the very long range optical PTZ systems with IR illumination, or the thermal imaging PTZ systems that operate without any lighting.

These standard night vision PTZ network attached cameras feature up to 32 X optical zoom lens with 850nm IR illuminator. They are excellent for covert nighttime security applications.

Night vision Camera Features

  • Network Attached IP camera system
  • Advanced IR automatically adjusts based on camera zoom lens movement
  • Illuminate distances over 450 feet away
  • LED Technology: 850 Nanometers
  • NEMA 4x and IP66 Rating to prevent the ingress of water and minute particles
  • 30 images/second @ full resolution (1 Megapixel or 2 Megapixel)
  • Proven network reliability

When you need to see in the dark: For surveillance applications where light is not sufficient, i.e. Night-time scenarios, an infrared illuminator is a great way to enhance your view of sight. Composed of multiple light emitting diodes (LED’s), the infrared illuminators produce an infrared beam of light which when paired with a day/night camera will illuminate the surrounding area for increased visibility in total darkness.


Specifications for the Dome PTZ IP cameras Top

Model TVIP-PTZ-7276-IR TVIP-6322H
Max Resolution 1280 x 960 1920 x 1080
Light Sensitivity Color: 0.05Lux
(F1.6, AGC ON),B/W: 0.005Lux
@(F1.6, AGC On);
0 Lux with IR
Color : 0.3Lux
(1/30sec, F1.6, 50IRE),
(2sec, F1.6, 50IRE)
0.1Lux (1/30sec, F1.6, 30IRE),
0.0005Lux(2sec, F1.6, 30IRE)
B/W : 0 Lux (IR LED on)
 Wide Dynamic Range  Digital  120 dB
Camera System
 Optical zoom  30X
4.3 ~ 129.0 mm,
4.4 ~ 140.8mm
 IR Illumination  120m (394 ft)  150m  (492.13ft)
 Audio Audio in
Audio out
Audio in
Audio out
 Alarm and Outputs  Input 7
Output 2 (relay)
 Input 4
Output 3 (relay)
 Power  24 VAC: Max. 65W
(heater: 45W)
High-PoE: Max.
50W (heater: 20W)
 24 VAC  only  /  6A
Max.  30W (Heater off)
Max. 35W/90W
(Heater off/on, and IR on)
Operating  Temperature
 -40°C~65°C using  24VAC
 -50°C ~ +55°C (-58°F ~ +131°F)
Less than 90% RH

Configurable PTZ camera with Illumination

PTZ with illuminationDuring the day the TVIP-ULS-IP-HD PTZ provides enough resolution to identify a license plate over 700 ft. (213m) away. The PTZ system includes a 2 megapixel camera and up to 129mm zoom lens.  At night the distance depends on the type of illumination used.

Select 850nm, 940nm (covert), or white illumination. Maximum night view range is 200 m (with white light).

This special long range camera can look up as well as down, and is available with optional illumination, power, and wiper.

It is designed for rugged applications, and can even be mounted on vehicles.

TVIP-ULS-IP-HD Specifications …

TVIP-ULS-IP-HD Features:

  • Camera Full HD 1080p, 30x, 60fps
  • Lens: f=4.3 mm (wide) ~ 129.0 mm (tele), from F1.6 to F4.7
    • Horizontal Viewing Angle: from 63.7° (wide end) up to 2.3° (tele end)
  • Minimum Illumination:
    • Color: 1.4lx, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s 50 IRE (Normal mode)
    • Color: 0.35lx, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s, 50 IRE (High Sensitivity mode)
    • B/W: 0.05lx, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s, 50 IRE (Normal mode)
    • B/W: 0.013lx, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s, 50 IRE (High sensitivity mode)
  • Illumination:
    • Horizontal beam: 10° or 30°
    • Wavelength: 850nm, 940nm, white light
  • Video compression H.264/AVC and MJPEG
  • Certified ONVIF, Profile S
  • Day/Night (Auto ICR: automatic removal of IR filter)
  • De-fog feature
  • Up to 4 simultaneous video streams
  • 1 alarm input and 1 relay output
  • Variable speed: 0.1°-200°/s Pan/Tilt
  • Horizontal continuous rotation, vertical -90°/+90°
  • Position accuracy: 0.05°
  • Up to 250 Presets Integrated wiper
  • Total control of the auxiliary functions through the PTZ ASSISTANT
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 24Vac or 120Vac


Rugged PTZ Camera with IR

The WV-SUD638 is an environmentally rugged camera designed to meet extreme weather conditions.  Using the latest aerodynamic technology and salt-air corrosion resistant glass fiber body, this IP PTZ camera can withstand the beating from tropical storms, arctic blizzards, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and gale-force winds.

WV-SUD638 Specifications

Features Include:

  • Full HD panasonic-ptz-2(1080p) 60 fps, x30 zoom lens
  • Built-in wiper and Auto defroster
  • Wind load durability 60 m/s (135 mph) (operation), 80 m/s (180 mph) (non-destructive)
  • Video SAS (Stability Augment System) for high-class image stabilization
  • “Sphere vision” provides 360° 3D viewing (Pan : 360° endless, tilt : 90° to -90°)
  • Temperature -50 ºC to +60 ºC (-58 °F to +140 °F)*
    * Natural Silver model only. Not available IR LED Unit when the temperature is over 55 °C.
    Gray & Brown model : up to +55 °C.
  • IP67, IP66, IK10 certified
  • Optional IR LED light (up to 150 m/500 feet, zoom interlocking)
  • Anti-salt air corrosion protection ideal for seaside operations
  • Smart coding mode for additional compression


Specifications for the Special IP PTZ Cameras

Max Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Light Sensitivity Color: 0.35lux, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s, 50 IRE (High Sensitivity mode)
B/W:  0.013lx, F1.6 AGC on, 1/30s, 50 IRE (High sensitivity mode)

0 Lux with IR

Color: 0.06 lx (F1.6, Maximum shutter : Off(1/30 s), AGC : High
B/W : 0.02 lx (F1.6, Maximum shutter : Off(1/30 s), AGC : High)

0 Lux (IR LED on)

 Wide Dynamic Range  No  105 dB
Camera System
 Optical zoom  30X
4.3 ~ 129.0 mm
4.3 ~ 129.0 mm
 IR Illumination 10 degree: IR 940nm =125m (410 ft)
30 degree: IR 850nm = 175m (574 ft.)
30 degree: White light = 200 m (656 ft.)
 150m  (492.13ft)
 Audio No Audio in
Audio out
 Alarm and Outputs  Input 1
Output 1 (relay)
 Input 1
Output 2 (relay)
 Power  • 230Vac, 0.4A, 50/60Hz
• 24Vac, 4A, 50/60Hz
• 120Vac, 0.8A, 50/60Hz
AC100 to 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Operating  Temperature
 -40°C~50°C using  24VAC
 -50°C ~ +60°C (-58°F ~ +140°F)
Less than 90% RH


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