Mobile Panic Button

Personal Emergency Panic Buttons

The mobile panic button is a personal security alert system that allows you to get help no matter where you are.  It integrates and enhances other security systems such as door access control, surveillance IP cameras or emergency paging system. You can rely on the panic button even when you are in the field.

The personal panic button system is designed for large organizations such as businesses, schools, hotels, healthcare, and other enterprise organizations.

When an emergency occurs, will you have time to dial your smartphone?

Panic Button System Concept

Emergencies occur without warning. It could be a health problem, an active shooter situation, or a criminal attack. The personal panic button system is essential when you need a very quick response to an emergency.

The push of a button on the mobile panic button sends an alert through the system. The emergency notification is sent to your designated security center. The personal emergency panic button system provides a quick response to any emergency. It’s more than a medical alert system. It is a total personal emergency call button system designed to be used no matter where you are in the USA or Canada. Operation in other countries is expected in the future.

Product Sheet

Key Features

  • The mobile panic button is a small device that can be attached to your keyring. It’s about the same size as a US half-dollar.
  • This personal emergency alert system is designed for large and small organizations.
  • The provides a single-button automated voice call that provides location and profile to the call center.
  • In non-critical situations, you can send a message that can fake a call, or send a text message to a specific person
  • This personal emergency panic button communicates through your smartphone so if you have cell service, you can get help
  • Provides a personal emergency panic button that provides personal safety and security features
  • This personal emergency panic button provides an audible or silent alarm
  • Accurate GPS provided through your smartphone
  • Preselect your call response center. You can set the system to contact 911, your security center, or even a friend or family member.
  • Provides automated walking escort service that tracks your movement until you reach your destination and provides an alarm if you don’t reach your destination
  • Find your keys
  • Provides an audio recording of all calls that go through the system

A Personal Emergency Panic Button

The small and convenient key fob is small enough to attach to your key-ring. The panic button is about the same size as a half-dollar. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Attach it to your key-ring for easy access to your personal security system.  The button is easily connected to the Bluetooth connection of your iPhone or Android phone. It is recharged through the USB cable that comes with the button.

Panic Button Size

How the Personal Mobile Panic Button Works

Instant alert to your security center:

Emergency Center
Emergency Center

Push the alert button on the unit three times, and you can alert the emergency center of your choice. For example, give the panic button to each teacher, and they can instantly alert the main office of an active shooter, medical situation, or other threat.

You can select the right security notification center such as the hospital’s security staff, the campus police, the universal “911”, or even your management. This is a professional emergency button system that is designed for your organization.

Service Center Details

The Mobile Panic Button System Works Wherever You Are

When you’re out and about, you can instantly connect through your phone to the local police or designated dispatcher. Your GPS location, as well as your profile, is sent to the dispatcher. The two-way communication is established allowing you to talk through your button to the center. The button’s GPS is also triggered to track any movements until the call is resolved. The personal emergency panic button can react with an audible alarm or can send a silent request. This silent alarm prevents making the situation worse. For example, a visiting nurse can trigger the alarm without upsetting the patient.

Messaging function for non-critical communication.

Some models include a function that allows you to react to non-emergency situations. You can fake a phone call to get out of a meeting or find an excuse to leave a hostile environment.  It allows you to send a text message to a designated person providing a quick way to react to special situations.

The Personal Panic Button Connects Through Your Smartphone

The button connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.

It generates a standard phone call that not only provides two-way communication, but it also provides your location and provides your personal information to the dispatch center.

Because it uses the smartphone GPS locating system, your location is accurately provided to the safety center. The location services continue until the situation is resolved to create a breadcrumb path that can help determine exactly where you are.

The mobile app is available for IOS and Android smartphones. It makes it easy to set up the panic button and connect to your emergency response center.

How the Mobile Panic Button is Integrated into a Security System

A Mobile Panic Button for your organization: The personal panic button enhances your organization’s security. Instead of mounting buttons around the campus, you can have a panic button that travels with you.  Whether you are in a school building, on the campus, inside a corporation, or work in a hospital, you can utilize the mobile panic button. The ability to provide a very quick notification allows the school administration or hospital staff to quickly respond to medical emergencies, fire, active shooters, or any other emergency.

When an emergency is detected, the video surveillance system can be used to provide important information about the situation. The button pin-points the campus map location of the emergency and the video recording and management system’s mapping feature can be used to view the closest camera.

To learn more about how panic buttons integrate into your security system take a look at our article Panic Buttons and Security.

The Emergency Button Adds to Workplace Security

Select Who to Contact: Provides emergency alerts to your choice of your emergency responder. You can select your security center, 911, or even friends or family.

Some models provide a Check-in and Check-Out notification: You can use the button to send quick messages that notify your management or security team exactly where you are. You can indicate that you’re going to a meeting and then when you are leaving the meeting. This quick messaging helps keep you safe.

Some models provides a Walking Escort: The tracking and timing feature allows you to automatically set an automated alert if you exceed the amount of time required to reach your destination. For example, if you need to walk to your vehicle, you can set the timer. If you don’t reset the function, it will automatically send an emergency alert to your safety center. The security center automatically receives your identification and can track your movements until the situation is resolved. This critical information provides intelligent alerts and the information that makes your journey much safer. The system provides a virtual escort to the parking lot, subway station, or even your next appointment.

The silent-alert capability provides a measured response. The silent alarm capability allows you to make a call to the emergency responder without making any noise. The responder can listen through the button and then decide what action to take.  For example, this silent alert can be used by a teacher in a school. The call to the administration office can determine whether it’s an aggressive student, an active shooter, or a medical emergency. The button provides an open telephone call to the security center so they can analyze the situation by listening in.

Operates all over the world. Wherever there is a smartphone service the button system will keep you safe. The IP camera systems, emergency paging systems, and door access control systems provide security when you are at work. The button system is designed to keep you safe when you are anywhere else.

Some models include Find your Keys function that makes it easy to locate the missing button as well as your keys that are attached to the button.


Panic Buttons for Healthcare

Visiting Nurse
Emergency Button for Nurses

The mobile panic button helps to keep the visiting nurse safe. Nurses can face challenging situations when visiting people’s homes. They may travel through unsafe neighborhoods, and deal with difficult patients. The added safety provided by this mobile personal alert system is helpful when recruiting and retaining good nurses for your health service.

The GPS location provided by the system assures that help can be sent to the right location. The walking escort feature assures that the nurse gets to the next location safely. The monitoring capability allows the hospital staff to analyze and respond to the situation. The fake phone call provides an excuse to leave a hostile situation. The personal panic button increases safety at the hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Personal Panic Buttons for Schools

Student Safety
Emergency Button for Education

Student safety is very important.  The personal mobile panic button can be used by students or staff. It can help in student medical emergencies, assault, or active shooter situations.  The mobile panic alert provides instant notification of an emergency on the campus. The GPS location allows the security center to use its IP surveillance camera system to view the situation. A student can use the panic button to get immediate help. The safety center can listen to the audio from the unit and determine the right response to the call.

The personal emergency panic button can be used to trigger campus-wide announcements through the IP paging system.

The student is protected even if they are off-campus. The cell phone communication, along with GPS location, medical information, and emergency contacts are all available to the school’s safety center.  This provides assurance to the administrators and parents that the best protection is available for their students.

Panic Buttons for Hotels

Emergency Button for Hospitality Staff
Emergency Button for Hospitality Staff

The safety of your hospitality staff is dramatically increased when they have a way to quickly communicate to the security center. Hotel personnel can face hostile situations during their daily activities around the hotel. The mobile panic button system provides a safe and easy way to communicate with the hotel security.

The silent alarm allows the security center to determine the correct response. The locating capability of the unit allows the security center to view the surveillance camera closest to the incident allowing them to determine the correct response.

If a fire is detected, the alert can be used to notify the security center to trigger an alarm and use the emergency paging system to alert all the occupants of the hotel.

Panic Buttons for Corporations

Corporate staff safety
Panic Button for Corporations

The Personal Emergency Panic Button system works anywhere there is a cell phone connection and an emergency 911 type response system. The panic button provides alerts not only when the employee is at the company but also wherever they travel. This added security improves corporate recruiting. The personal panic button provides increased security in the building, in the parking lot, or out in the field.

This personal panic button helps in many different situations such as in urban offices, realtors in the field, drivers such as delivery people, Lift, Uber, or taxi services.  The mobile panic button system works on the job or even in the commute to work.

To learn more about applications take a look at our article, Mobile Panic Buttons for Business, Schools, and Healthcare.

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