IP Camera Accessories

IP Camera System Accessories

Camera accessories are part of the complete IP camera system. You can select an alternative lens, wall brackets, IR illuminators, microphones, speakers, or even a network extension system. We have all the accessories you need to make sure the system works exactly the way you want.

Most new IP cameras come with an enclosure, but if you need a camera system that can protect the camera from a rocket launch or a furnace, you will need a special enclosure. Enclosures for these high-temperature applications are designed specifically for these environments.

For example, stainless steel enclosures are used to protect the camera from salt spray and other corrosive environments. 

IP Camera Accessories Illustration
IP Camera Accessories Illustration

The cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) for power, so it’s important to select either a network switch that includes PoE or to add PoE injectors or midspans. When we create your system we will make sure you have all the things you need.

IP Camera Enclosures

Enclosures are designed to protect your camera from the elements, from vandals or even extreme conditions.  The following special enclosures protect IP cameras from many extreme environments:

Standard enclosures

IP cameras systems include a variety of enclosures. They are available with:

  • Indoor or Outdoor rated enclosures
  • With heater and blower choices IP
  • Wall or ceiling type enclosures

Brackets are available for all enclosures Brackets allow you to mount the enclosures and cameras in many different places. This includes:

  • Wall mounts
  • Ceiling mounts
  • parapet mounts
  • Pole mounts

Contact for more information about the best way to mount your IP cameras. More details about enclosures


IP Camera Lens

The lens is a very important part of the camera. If you don’t have the right lens the resolution won’t be as good as you expect. A lens is more than just a single piece of glass, it contains an iris, and multiple lens adjustments that allow it to be focused and the zoom adjusted. The lens is actually a complete system that works together to provide a sharp image.

The resolution (or detail) you see is determined by the number of pixels in the camera sensor, the electronics, compression and the quality of the lens. You can have a 5-megapixel sensor, but if your lens only allows you to see 1 megapixel of resolution, then all you will see is the lower resolution. Besides the resolution of the camera, the lens system also determines how far away you can see something. It defines how wide an area (the Field of View) you can see. Learn more

Network Extenders

Network Extender

Standard Ethernet networks are limited to 100 meters or about 300 ft. If you need to go further you can add an Ethernet extender. An extender can use standard network wire, phone wire or even coax cable. It can even provide remote PoE without using remote power. Learn more

Power Supplies and PoE Injectors

Many of the latest IP cameras are powered over Ethernet (PoE). We provide a variety of ways to provide the power. You can select:

  • Network switches with PoE for 8 to 64 cameras
  • PoE Injectors (or midspans) from 1 channel to 16 channel

Sometimes you require more power than can be provided using PoE Injectors, such as when you need to operate in very cold weather. We provide power supplies with the right voltage and current to power your cameras and enclosures. Power supplies such as 12 VDC or 24 VAC from 1 watt to 200 watts or more. Please contact us for more information about power supplies.

IR Illuminators

IR Illuminator

Separate illuminators can be added to most day/night IP camera systems. These cameras are sensitive to the IR spectrum and with the illuminator can create a covert night vision surveillance system. IR illuminators are selected by range and angle. Examples include:

IRN60B9AS00 High power 940nm Infrared LED Illuminator 60°, 60m (197 ft), 12-24VAC/VDC, include wall mount. 940nm is invisible to eye.

IRN30B8AS00 High power 850nm Infrared LED Illuminator 30°, 130m (426 ft), 12-24VAC/VDC, include wall mount.

IRH60H8A Infrared LED Illuminator 60°, 56m (184 ft), 12-24VAC/VDC, 850nm, includes wall mount. We have a number of different systems so please contact us for the illuminator that’s right for you.

Speakers and Microphones


Many IP cameras have audio input and output connections. These connections require special microphones and speakers to work correctly. We have a choice of microphones, from hidden wall mounted mics to ceiling-mounted units. Each application requires a different system, so we have many different microphones to select from. We also have a choice of speakers that can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your requirements. Various amplifiers are included that provide the sound level you need. Microphone examples include:

Microphone kits:

SM5EA-PHDKit Directional hanging microphone with an interface box that uses PoE to provide power to both an IP camera and the microphone. Includes a 6 ft down from the ceiling. Adjustable high and low frequency cut off filters. Useful for reducing background noise.

SM5-EAKit Flush mount SM1 microphone with an interface box that uses PoE to provide power to both an IP camera and the microphone.

Camera Switch PoE Control

TVIP-NKS-EA-Kit: This network switch controls the power to an IP camera. The device designed to locally interrupt the power and streaming of data from a PoE IP camera for privacy and confidentiality purposes.

Typical applications are in interview rooms, Interrogation rooms, hospital rooms, and patient exam rooms. The NKS is placed in-line with the camera’s CAT5 Ethernet cable. The kit includes the interface box and the rocker switch with an LED indicator. An LED indicator is on (red) when the camera is connected.

Camera Control Switch
Camera Control Switch

Speaker Kits:


KHSM11-Horn-Kit Outdoor 7 x 11-inch horn speaker/microphone with camera interface kit.10 watt amplifier interface unit and provides IP camera connection. Uses CAT5 type connection between speaker and amplifier. Provides two-way audio input to IP camera. Adjustable volume control, Bullet microphone enclosure with windscreen, with Omni-directional element w/25’ range Intercoms also work with IP cameras.

TVIP-Mini-Horn-PoEKit: Outdoor Mini-horn speaker with an amplifier that includes a camera interface kit. Powered over Ethernet (PoE), provides 2.5 watts to the speaker. Includes 6 ft patch cord with 3.5 mm plugs for IP camera audio output.

Intercom for Camera:

TVIP-intercomV-I Bi-directional indoor wall mounted speakerphone with a call button. Surface mounted. It contains a built-in microphone and 4″ speaker for providing bi-directional audio with the interface unit for IP Network Camera, Uses PoE and provides easy CAT5 connection from an interface to speaker/microphone.

For more information about intercoms for IP cameras take a look at our technical note. Please contact us for technical support and help with your IP camera system.  We can be reached at 800-431-1658 in the USA or at 914-944-3425, or just use our contact form.