BellCommander School Bell Software

Bell Commander School Bell Scheduling Software

Bell Commander School Bell Scheduling Software

Now it’s easier than ever to add scheduling software for school bells.

Some forward-thinking schools across the country have replaced the traditional school bell that signals the end of classes with a more high-tech version that is cheaper to install and can be programmed easily by computer software.

The familiar ring now can be replaced by chimes, music, or even customized sounds like chirping birds, all made possible by a software called BellCommander.

Working with the IP Connected Paging system, the amplifiers and intercoms from Digital Acoustics provide a complete announcement system.

Major Features:

  • Broadcast school or factory bells, announcements, and music over your existing PA or intercom system
  • Play popular sounds such as included chimes and tones, traditional school bell sounds, or play custom sounds/music such as the national anthem
  • The system can act as a stand-alone school bell and emergency notification system or interface with existing Digital Acoustics paging and intercom systems
  • Flexible day schedules
  • Schedule up to 300 events per day
  • Quickly change schedules for holidays, snow days, or special assemblies
  • Multi-Zone Scheduling. Set different bell schedules by building or classroom.

Network Attached IP Paging and Intercom System Diagram

IP paging system diagram

IP Connected Speakers and Intercoms

Intercoms for Door Access Control Systems

IP amplifiers allow you to make announcements to a classroom, a building or the complete campus. The small IP amplifiers attach to your existing network infrastructure making it very easy to install.

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Campus Alert System

The network-attached IP based public address and intercom systems improve campus security by adding emergency alert capabilities. They provide communications to multi-building or multi-campus school or corporate environments.

Panic Buttons that are strategically placed can be used by the administration to initiate a lock-down or emergency evacuation.  Learn more … 

Resources and Support

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