IP Camera Lenses

Kintronics offers a wide selection of lenses for IP and analog video cameras. We provide lenses from Computar and other manufacturers.

The lens is an important part of the IP camera system especially when you have megapixel cameras. The clarity of the lens, it’s ability to be used in low light conditions and with IR illumination are all important factors in getting the best video. The latest lenses include p-iris control that improves depth of field and picture quality at all lighting conditions. Take a look at our technical note about “Selecting the Right Lens for IP Cameras“.

Also, see our Lens Selection Chart.

IP Camera Lenses
IP Camera Lenses

Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths. Focal length adjustments can be made with a turn of the dial, virtually eliminating the cost associated with improper monofocal lens selection. All lenses are CS-Mount or C-mount, comprised of all glass optics and come with locking set screws and a durable metal barrel and mount.

The latest megapixel lenses provide the clarity required for the new megapixel IP cameras. IR corrected lenses are also available, for the day/night camera applications.

Varifocal Lens Chart

Focal LengthManualDC A/IVideo A/I
3.5-10.5mm IRT3Z3510CS-IRTG3Z3510FCS-IRTG3Z3510FCS-IR

Varifocal lenses

Computar introduces a new line of Megapixel Lenses for use with the latest megapixel IP cameras as well as for Machine Vision applications such as Image Processing, Automated Inspection, Identification, Automated gauging, Guiding, Positioning and other Factory Automations.

These new lenses not only provide the clarity required for megapixel cameras but are also available with IR correction for day/night type camera applications. They are designed to pass the IR light range so improve low light performance in megapixel IP camera systems.

Contact us for help in selecting the right lens for your application.

Megapixel Lens Chart

Focal LengthModelDescription
3X macro zoomMLM-3XMP2/3″
3 – 8 mmT3Z0312CS-MPIR3 Megapixel, 1/3″ 3-8mm F1.2 Varifocal, HD Series Manual Iris (CS Mount) Day/Night IR
12.5-50mm VarifocalAG4Z1214KCS-MPIR1/2.7 ” P-iris (CS Mount), IR corrected day/night, Day/Night IR
4.5-13.2mmHH3Z4518CS-MPIR1/2″ 3 Megapixel
25-135mmHG5Z2518FC-MP1/2″ F1.8 Varifocal, HD Series, DC auto-iris