Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless for IP Camera Systems

What is the best wireless system for your IP camera system?

It depends on your system requirements.

When you can’t run network wire to the IP camera, you can use a wireless camera system.  Some cameras come with a built in radio, but any IP camera can be connected to a separate wireless radio.   Cameras with the built in radios are usually used indoors, while the cameras that use separate wireless radios are usually used outdoors.   Separate radios provide long range capability (over 2 miles), especially when using a directional antenna.

Wireless connections can use either Wi-Fi radios with a dedicated connection between two points, or 3G / 4G that uses the telephone wireless network.

Wireless IP cameras are popular in home applications. but are usually not recommended for commercial applications because of security and reliability concerns.

Solar power can be added to your wireless camera system so it can be used when power is not available.  Solar power systems are designed according to the number of cameras, your geographic location, and the number of hours you need to operate without sunlight (with batteries).  more …


Built-in Wireless Radio Cameras

There are a number of camera manufacturers that make IP cameras with built in wireless radios.  These are usually called wireless cameras.  They are mostly used in consumer applications and are not a good choice for professional security systems.  Here’s one example:

Sony SNC-CX600

This indoor 1280 x 720 HD Small form IP Camera, has an optional wireless connection. It includes a fixed 120-degree horizontal view lens.  With a built-in speaker and MIC, you can have a conversation from your computer. It has a wide dynamic range (60dB+ WDR), so it can be used in challenging lighting conditions.

If you plug it into the network it uses PoE for power, otherwise, it uses the small power adapter that is provided with the camera.

Wireless IP camera works best when there is a line of sight to the access point that’s no more than 100 ft away.


Wireless Radio for Your IP Camera

A separate WiFi radio can be used with any IP camera. Usually, we suggest using the same type of radio on each side of the connection.  One radio is next to the camera and the other is at the receiving point.

These wireless camera systems are usually used outdoors because of the extended range, but they certainly can be used indoors.  No matter where you use it, they work best when there is a clear line of site.

High-performance WiFi wireless radios have a range of many miles (or kilometers).  They include directional antennas and high transmission power that results in higher bandwidth and security.

There are a variety of radios and antennas available. Some of the radios have the antenna built into the radio while others use a separate antenna.  Most radios use frequencies of either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz.  There are also other frequencies such as 900 MHz and 4.9 GHz available as well.   We usually recommend 5.8 GHz radios for IP camera applications.  In remote applications where there may be limited power, it is best to select radios that use the least amount of power.

Our complete wireless IP camera systems include the radio with a directional antenna, camera, power system, and surge protectors, as well as network switches with PoE, special environmental enclosures and mounting brackets. Everything is designed for compatibility with power, electronics, and connectivity.

One or more IP cameras can be included in the wireless system solution. They can be fixed or PTZ type cameras.  Cameras are selected depending on your requirements and objectives.  The power can be provided by local AC power or by adding a solar power system.  Here are some examples of radios:

TVIP-Series of Wireless Radios



This Tri-Mode outdoor unit includes an antenna and supports standard 48 VDC PoE operation. The versatile and low-cost units can be configured as an Access Point (AP), Point-to-Point (PxP), or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).  The all-in-one design features an integrated 16dBi directional panel antenna, and comes complete with  POE injector suitable for 48VDC operation, yielding the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Also available is a unit that supports an external antenna for more demanding applications.

Features include:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) with data rate up to 54 Mbps
  • 7 watts power required
  • Range with line-of-site up to 5 miles
  • 5, 10 & 20 MHz channel width selectivity
  • Web-based administrative interface – For quick and easy manageability
  • Router mode with built-in DHCP Server/Client
  • Security: WEP, WPA, MAC Authentication

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This is a more powerful radio that includes an integral 24 dBi directional antenna.

It is also available with a higher performance dish antenna (shown).  The ruggedized weatherproof all‐in‐one design meets IP67 and NEMA Type 4X environmental standards, requiring minimum installation and maintenance costs in conditions ranging from ‐60 C to +60 C. With a line of site it is possible to achieve a range of up to 15 miles.

Features include:

  • IEEE 802.11a Compliant
  • Range up to 15 miles with line-of-site between radios
  • 7 watts power required
  • AP/PxP/CPE Wireless Modes
  • Up to +23dBm Transmit Power with Adjustable Output
  • Dual Ethernet Ports Tunneling Protocol Support (VPN, PPTP, RSA, etc)
  • Alignment LEDs (in CPE mode)
  • Configurable in Point-to-Point, Access Point or Client modes

TVIP-900 Series

900 MHz
Operating in the 900 MHz ISM band, the TVIP-900 Series has better non-line-of-site properties than the higher frequencies and have the same features as our other broadband wireless networking equipment. The radios are sold in pairs to assure proper operation.

These are integrated fully functioning radios, which means these units can be configured as an Access Point, a Point to Point Bridge, or a Client Adapter (CPE).

Dual Ethernet ports make it easy to connect to camera and power.

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Other options and radios include:

  • Long range antennas
  • Omni antennas
  • Mesh Networks
  • Mounting brackets and hardware

Since each situation may require a different type of radio and antenna, please contact us for help selecting the right one for your application.

3G / 4G Wireless Broadband Solutions

These 3G / 4G modems make use of the telephone communication systems allowing you to send video back to your central location when WiFi channels are not available.   We will help you with the equipment you need based on your local carrier. These modems can automatically select an alternate communication channel such as WiFi or wired broadband solution to maintain a reliable and redundant connection.

Main Features

  • Integrated 4G LTE, HSPA+, WiMAX, and 3G EVDO models (no modem option available)
  • Ruggedized metal housing
  • External 3G/4G modem antennas
  • Advanced routing and security features including VPN, VLAN, WAN Affinity, and more
  • Additional advanced security and routing features with an Extended Enterprise License
  • Cloud-managed

Contact us for more details as well as pricing on all the models available.

Solar Power for Wireless IP Cameras

When you’re out in the wild and don’t have any power or network, you can use this system to power and communicate remote video to your central video recording system. It can use WiFi or 3G / 4G phone communication systems. The system includes the power system, the IP camera system, the communication system, and even the video recording system.

The advanced battery charging system protects against over-charging or over-discharging the batteries. All the power and network distribution system are located inside a sealed waterproof enclosure. Mounting brackets for pole or wall make it easy to install. Systems are available with 30 W to over 200 W solar panels.

Here are some system Examples.  These are provided just for reference. We design the system based on your specific system configuration.


Rated Power: 65W continuous output with 6 hours peak sun.
Solar Panel Size: 24VDC 280W.
Battery System : 24VDC @ 100Ah.
Battery Reserve Time @ Rated Power: 24 hours.
Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid GEL (expected life = 5 years).


Rated Power: 20W continuous output with 6 hours peak sun.
Solar Panel Size: 12VDC 85 W. Battery System : 12VDC @ 100Ah.
Battery Reserve Time @ Rated Power: 24 hours.
Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid GEL (expected life = 5 years).
Power output:  48 V PoE .

Select from a wide variety of IP cameras. Whether you need an IP box, bullet, dome, fish-eye, or PTZ camera; we will help select the right camera for your application.

Select video management software (VMS) that runs on your own Windows computer or a complete Network Video Recorder (NVR) that includes the computer and software in one package. The recording system can be located at the remote site or at your central command center.

These are just examples that will give you an idea of what’s available. We know that your system will be different. That’s why we provide free engineering and consulting so you will get exactly what you need. If you need help just contact us for help.