Virus Protected Storage Systems

Ultimate Solution to Virus, Ransomware, and other Computer Attacks

Overview of Cyber Defense System

virus-protection data-shield
Cyber Defense SYstem

Safeguard your computer systems using this patented disk technology that protects your computers from cyber-attack. Write-once disk control prevents any changes to your data.

There are various malware protection programs available that can protect your computer. Software solutions are available from companies such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton, Webroot, Bitdefender and others. These programs need to be constantly updated to protect the computer system from the latest iteration of malware. The software programs are hackable, and if the hacker gets around your current virus protection, your computer system can be compromised. The latest hard disk protection works all the time. No matter what invasion occurs, your hard drives are always protected within the disk drive itself, and this protection cannot be bypassed.

HDWrite1X protected disk systems block malicious attacks on your computer system. It acts like a typical hard drive, but prevents data from being modified using a write-protected hard drive system.  HDWrite1X protects your information even after your firewall has been breached, or even if a disgruntled employee attempts to modify your data. The HDWrite1X solution utilizes standard hard drives that are modified to become write-once drives. The write-once feature can be turned on to provide controlled protection. This technology has been approved by US Government agencies for data integrity protection against Ransomware and other malware attacks.

HDWrite1X is also used to assure conformance to the guidelines of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policies. This is an important addition to your IP Camera System. Video recordings are protected to ensure the integrity of all digital evidence required for the chain of evidence in any criminal proceeding.

Malware Protected Computer Systems

Your hard drive cannot be modified, deleted, or reformatted. Two versions are available:


Protects the operating system.  Cyber-attacks cannot change the Master Boot Records, disk partition, or firmware. HDWrite1X-OS is configured so that the sensitive operating system boot and partition information is permanently protected. This allows the OS to operate normally but prevents a hacker from damaging these sensitive areas of the disk.  Your systems will remain bootable even after a cyber-attack.


This version protects data disks. You can protect your data at various security levels, either temporarily or permanently. You can select protection of a complete disk, or incrementally protect files as they are changing, or you can open or close a disk or files temporally.

Complete disk protection is the simplest operating mode. In this mode, you write your data to the HDWrite1X protected disk. When operations are complete, the disk is finalized (write-protected). This is very similar to the way a DVD-R works.

Incremental disk protection protects your data as you process information. In this case, you write data, have it protected (Enforce), then at a later time write more data, have that protected, and continue until you are done. At some point, the disk either fills up, or you choose to protect the entire disk by finalizing the disk. The disk is now permanently protected from modification or deletion.

Temporary disk protection allows an area of the disk to be temporarily protected against data changes. This is a lock function that sets the files to read-only. It can be unlocked and data can then be changed.

HDWrite1X Models

These are samples of the types of systems available.

Hard drive systems are available as individual internal or external drives to large multi-drive rack systems with 84 hard drives in HDD-trays.

System solutions are available that connect to your computer, server, network (NAS) or SAN connections on your servers.

Write-Once Storage

Computer with Internal  Drive

Internal SATA Hard Drives

W1X-I25-101TBSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-I25-202TBSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-I35-505TBSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-I35-606TBSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive

Computer with External Drive

External SATA Hard Drives with USB & eSATA interface

W1X-E25-101TBeSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-E25-202TBeSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-303TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-505TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-606TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive


Multi-Drive Hard Drive Servers with GigE in SAN or NAS configuration

W1X-KMN-1U0435 20TB 1U. 4 removable 3.5” 5TB Disks in HD tray, GigE interface
W1X-KMN-2U0835 40TB 2U Rack 8 removable 3.5” 5TB drives in HD-trays 2XGigE SAN/NAS interface
W1X-KMN-4U2436 144TB 4U Rack 24-removable 3.5″ 6TB HD in HD-trays, 2XGigE SAN/NAS interface

The protected storage is available from a single internal hard drive to over 500TB storage systems. To learn more about protected storage take a look at our article, “Protecting Your Computer from Malware.

HDWrite1X Product sheet

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