IP Camera Enclosures

Select the enclosure that’s best for your application from high quality enclosure manufacturers. Videolarm is the industry leader in environmental enclosures and now has a family of housings that support network IP cameras. Aigis provides some sleek enclosures at an economical price. Batko provides insulated enclosures that are perfect for IP cameras that suppoet PoE. Pelco is one of the leaders in CCTV surveillance equipment. The following information describes some of the products available. Please contact us for help in selecting the right enclosure for your application.


IP Camera Enclosure

Videolarm has been the leading innovator in the CCTV industry for more than a quarter century. It all began with the introduction of the world’s first outdoor dome and has continued with a host of cameras, housings, accessories, and more.
Select from a wide range of IP Network Ready Enclosures:

Aigis Enclosures

Aigis Enclosure
Aigis Enclosure
Aigis Enclosure
Aigis Enclosure

Combining smooth design and solid camera protection, Aigis offers a wide variety of housings to match the requirements of specific applications. Please contact us for more information about these enclosures.
Pioneering the shape of standard camera housings, Aigis’ cylindrical housing design offers a smooth, sleek look that fits aesthetically into most applications. From the Designer to the Specialty series, Aigis cylindrical housings combine excellent protection with artistic design.
When maximum protection is required, Aigis offers both corner and wall/ceiling mountable heavy-grade aluminum housings designed specifically for the strict specifications of the correctional market. These housings provide the strength of 10-gage steel but with the superior strength to weight ratio of aluminum.
Domes provide for an attractive alternative for indoor camera protection. For discrete monitoring, Aigis domes effectively conceal the camera’s positioning. for discrete monitoring. These domes can be employed in plenum ceilings and allow the camera to be fully adjusted for to maximize viewing angles.
Aigis indoor wedge housings offers a discrete, attractive housing for use in indoor ceilings. These housings come in two sizes and can be easily mounted in fixed or suspended ceilings.


EH3515 Series Enclosure

Housings are the standard of the industry providing enclosures for practically every application. Here’s one example:
EH3512/EH3515 Series Enclosure
Outdoor, Small
Product Features:

  • Low Cost
  • Small, Contemporary Design
  • Die Cast and Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Forward Opening Hinged Lid
  • Rear Link-lock Latch
  • Cable Entry Glands and Mounting Holes on Bottom of Enclosure
  • Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Easy Access for Servicing and Installation
  • Models Available with Factory Installed Low Power Heater, Blower and Defroster, or with Heater and Defroster

Batko Series

Insulated enclosure for PoE camera

Insulated External Enclosure
These environmental camera enclosures don’t really need a heater and blower since they are insulated.
Insulated enclosure for PoE camera

  • Rustproof & weather resistant
  • No blower nor heater required
  • 11 ga. aluminum construction

A proven, insulated, hermetically sealed housing
This design has been tested since 1987 in severe Canadian subzero outdoor conditions, this rustproof, tamperproof, weatherproof, all aluminum, mineral fiber board insulated housing doesn’t need a heater(nor a blower) to keep the camera in good working order. Lightweight, even if it is double-walled, this sealed housing includes a sealed connector to run in the cable. The front cover, that opens and extends horizontally for total camera access, is locked by 2 screws. The window comes with a 3/16″ polycarbonate. It can be installed on any wall, ceiling or corner with the appropriate mounting bracket: FSM2012 for wall, FSP2012 for ceiling, FSC2012 for corner and FSA2012 for pole.
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