Mobile Panic Buttons for Business, Schools, and Healthcare

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How Mobile Personal Emergency Buttons Work

The latest mobile panic buttons are designed for business, education, healthcare, hotels, and other organizations.  The mobile panic button provides advanced capability and operates through cell phone services so are not tethered to one location. They can be used anywhere there is a phone connection.



The new panic buttons have key features designed for business applications. The features include GPS locating, monitored travel, two-way conversations, silent monitoring of audio, operate anywhere, and include a flexible safety center.  The safety response center can be any place you choose. It is not tied to any specific service. You can establish a response center in your corporation, at the hospital, in your school, or hotel. Historically, panic buttons were used for medical emergencies in the home. These panic button systems were generally tied to a specific emergency answering service that helped to verify and provide emergency response.  Here’s how the new mobile panic buttons are used in business, schools, and commercial organizations.

How the Mobile Panic Buttons Works

Emergency-Panic-system-Concept6The mobile panic button connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. To establish the link, you download the app from Google or Apple. Once the app is downloaded, it helps you pair the Panic button to your phone. It also allows you to establish a connection to your security response center.


Once the system is connected to your cell phone, it provides a quick response to any situation. The panic button is activated by triple-clicking the button. A phone connection is then established to your security center. They can listen to what’s happening and see precisely where you are located. They can determine what the situation is and then send emergency help. Two-way audio is provided through the panic button so you can talk directly to your safety response center and clarify your situation. Your location is provided through the smartphones GPS locating service.


Push and hold the panic button, and it provides an entirely different function. The “Push and hold” function allows you to react to non-emergency situations. You can fake a phone call to get out of a meeting or find an excuse to leave a hostile environment.  It also allows you to send a text message to a designated person providing a quick way to react to unique situations.


An important feature of the mobile panic button is the “Walking Escort Function.” The tracking and timing feature allows you to automatically set an automated alert if you exceed the amount of time required to reach your destination. For example, if you need to walk to your vehicle, you can set the timer. If you don’t reset the function, it will automatically send an emergency alert to your safety center. The system provides a virtual escort to the parking lot, subway station, or even your next appointment.


The safety center can be designated as a “911” call or your organization’s safety center. When the response center receives an emergency alert, the software provides the name of the person, the location of the call, and details about the person calling. This can include medical information as well as the emergency contact person. The school can use its safety center, establish an emergency center or use their administrative office to handle the alerts. The hospital can assign its security center and other location depending on the organization. This emergency help request system provides options that fit all the organization’s safety requirements.

School Safety Using Mobile Panic Buttons

panic buttons in education

Student safety is critical. The personal mobile panic button can be used by students or staff. It can help in student medical emergencies, assault, or active shooter situations.  The mobile panic alert provides instant assistance in an emergency on and off the campus. The GPS location allows the security center to determine where the person is and then send the appropriate help. They can even use their IP surveillance camera system to view the situation.


The staff can use the panic button to trigger a lockdown. The advanced features of the personal emergency panic button can automatically trigger a campus-wide announcement through the IP paging system.


A student can use the personal panic button to get immediate help. The safety center can listen to the audio from the unit and determine the right response to the call. The student is protected even if they are off-campus. The cell phone communication, along with GPS location, medical information, and emergency contacts are all available to the school’s safety center. This provides assurance to the administrators and parents that the best protection is available for their students.

Healthcare Personal Mobile Panic Button Applications


personal panic buttons healthcareNurses can face challenging situations when visiting people’s homes. They may travel through unsafe neighborhoods, and deal with difficult patients. The mobile personal alert system not only increases safety, but it also is helpful when recruiting and retaining good nurses for your health service.


The GPS location provided by the system assures that help can be sent to the right place. The walking escort feature ensures that the nurse gets to the next location safely. The monitoring capability allows the hospital staff to analyze and respond to the situation. The “push and hold” function that generates a fake phone call provides an excuse to leave a hostile situation. The personal panic button increases safety at hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Hospitality and Hotel Personal Panic Buttons


mobile panic buttons in hospitality hotelsHotel personnel can face hostile situations during their daily activities around the hotel. The personal mobile panic button provides a quick way to communicate with the hotel security.


The silent alarm allows the security center to determine the correct response. The locating capability of the unit allows the security center to view the surveillance camera closest to the incident enabling them to provide the proper response.


If a fire is detected, the alert can be used to notify the security center to trigger an alarm and use the emergency paging system to alert all the occupants of the hotel.

Business Safety with Mobile Panic Buttons


personal emergency buttons businessCorporate salespeople and technicians who travel can use the personal emergency panic button anywhere there is a cell phone connection and an emergency 911 type response system. The mobile panic button provides alerts not only when the employee is at the company but also wherever they travel. This added security improves corporate recruiting. The personal panic button provides increased safety in the building, in the parking lot, or out in the field.


This personal panic button helps in many different situations such as in urban offices, realtors in the field, drivers such as delivery people, Lift, Uber, or taxi services.  The mobile panic button system works on the job or even in the commute to work.

Summary of Mobile Panic Buttons

The new personal mobile panic buttons add a new level of security and safety to people at work or in the field. They provide an excellent way to enhance the safety of students in school or outside. The healthcare industry can make their personnel safer when they are visiting patients. Hotel staff can feel secure knowing that help is close. No matter where your salespeople, installers, and technicians go they can be confident that they can get help no matter where they are. The GPS provides quick location information that allows help to reach them no matter where they are.