Enable-IT Network Extender

Ethernet Extenders are plug-and-play modules that install quickly on your existing copper (twisted-pair or telephone wire) CAT5/6 network infrastructure.Simple and effective, these point to point Ethernet Extenders will enable you to have Ethernet connectivity where none previously existed. Perfect for extending Ethernet beyond the general IEEE 802.3 limits of 328 ft/100 m)PoE power supported High bandwidth performance Use twisted-pair or telephone wire Extend your network up to 700 ft at 100 Mb/sec and up to 6,000 ft at 30 Mb/sec
(see chart below for model details)
Enable-IT Network Extender

Enable-IT Network Extender Specifications

Model Overview Performance Features Distance Environment
820 LRE Economical solution when you only need 15 Mbits/sec bandwidth. Provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) & 15Mbps Full Duplex (symmetrical) throughput over 2 pair wiring. Power is required at both sides. Un-powered remote end with PoE and Ethernet out to 900 ft/275 m *Extends standard 10baseT Ethernet 143m beyond the 100m specifications over twisted pair wiring *Supports digital VoD channels *15Mbps full-duplex service *Single line RJ-45 Ethernet interface *Dual line POTS RJ-11 interface Up to 900ft/275m at 15 Mb/sec *Operating Temperature: -25° to 60°C/-13° to 140°F *Storage Temp: -25° to 60°C/-13° to 140°F *Humidity *5 to 95%, non-condensing
860 LRE When you need to go the distance, this extender reaches out to 6000 ft over 1 or 2 pair wiring. Requires power at the sending and remote end. (see distance/bandwidth chart below) Ethernet and dual voice out to 6,000 ft/1,828m (at 30 Mbits/sec) (Native PoE support out to 2,500 ft/762 m) – see bandwidth supported below *Extends the network to 6000 ft (see chart below) *Supports digital VoD channels *Dual RJ-45 100MB Ethernet ports *Single RJ-11 2-line port (telephone) *Up to 700ft (200m): 100 Mbps *700ft (200m) to 1,350ft (400m): 90 Mbps *1,350ft (400m) to 1,970ft (600m): 70 Mbps *1,970ft (600m) to 2,625ft (800m): 52 Mbps *2,625ft (800m) to 3,280ft (1000m): 42 Mbps *Up to 6,000ft (1,828m): 30 Mbps Max distance up to 6,000ft/1,828m at 30 Mb/s *Operating Temperature: -45° to 75°C/-49° to 168°F *Storage Temp: -45° to 75°C/-49° to 168°F *Humidity *5 to 95%, non-condensing
865 LRE When you don’t have power available at the remote end, this network extender lets you power the remote unit and even provide power to your IP camera or other network device using Power over Ethernet (PoE). (see distance/bandwidth chart below) Self-powered at remote end out to 3,500 ft/1067 m (Standalone LAN use) or 2,500 ft/762 m with PoE output for your PoE device – see bandwidth supported below *Extends the Ethernet Network up to 2,500 ft (see the chart below) *Includes PoE Injector to power remote unit at 2,000’ or power a second PoE device up to 1,000’ *Supports digital VoD channels *100 Mbps full-duplex service *Single RJ-45 port for PoE & LAN *Connect up to 4 remote devices (only one connection supports PoE) *Single RJ-11 POTS port (telephone) *Up to 700ft (200m)with PoE: 100 Mbps *700ft (200m) to 1,350ft (400m) with PoE: 90 Mbps *1,350ft (400m) to 1,970ft (600m) with PoE: 70 Mbps *1,970ft (600m) to 2,500ft (762m) with PoE: 52 Mbps *2,625ft (800m) to 3,280ft (1000m) no PoE: 42 Mbps *Up to 3,500ft (1,067m) no PoE:30 Mbps Maximum distance up to 3,500ft/1067m standalone or 2,500ft/762m when you want to power your remote PoE device *Operating Temperature: -45° to 75°C/-49° to 168°F *Storage Temp: -45° to 75°C/-49° to 168°F *Humidity *5 to 95%, non-condensing