Complete IP Camera System

IP Security and Surveillance Camera Systems and Packages

To give you some idea about what makes up a complete IP camera system, we provided some examples of surveillance packages.  These IP security camera systems include lenses, enclosures, and video recording systems that are designed to provide a simple surveillance package.  This is a starter system with room to grow.  Since these are IP cameras they are very easy to install.

These are just examples that will give you an idea of what’s available. We know that your system will be different. That’s why we provide the free engineering and consulting so you will get exactly what you need.

Select from a wide variety of box, bullet, dome, fish-eye, and PTZ cameras. You can still get the older low-resolution VGA type cameras, but the megapixel cameras provide such great price-performance it’s best to select the higher resolution cameras.

Select video management software (VMS) that runs on your own Windows computer or a complete Network Video Recorder (NVR) that includes the computer and software in one package.

If you need help just contact us for assistance with your IP camera system package.

IP Surveillance Camera Systems and Packages

These system diagrams provide examples of various IP security systems. We can create a system with a mix of analog cameras and IP cameras. Let us know your application and we will design the system to your exact requirements.

Video Encoders Connect Analog Cameras to Network

A Network Camera System with a choice of CCTV video cameras, all connected to your Ethernet network through the Video Camera Servers or Video Encoders.

Application: When you have an existing analog CCTV camera system that you would like to convert to a network-attached IP system. Alternatively, if you need many different types of special cameras such as low light level or hidden cameras. Optional video recording and storage systems are also available.

IP Cameras Connect to the Network

All the cameras connect to the network in this type of system.

All users can view the video on their computers or mobile devices. The video is stored in the computer that uses video management recording software, or in the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

When you would like a very simple system installation that uses your existing network connections, you can use one of our packages.  For example, one of the IP camera packages includes 4 IP cameras.  When you have different objectives for each camera area, it is best to select a custom system that includes the right camera for each area. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice about the right camera system for you.

IP Intercoms and IP Cameras
IP Intercoms and IP Cameras

Technical Support

IP camera security systems can be complex because they include many different components that have to work together. Kintronics is a resource for engineering and integration of all your security projects. We can design your complete system so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

After purchasing your system we make sure that it works exactly the way you expect. You can contact us for help with your installation and any technical support you may need.

We provide technical support and warranty support. Contact us at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425 whenever you need assistance.