IP Door Reader Comparison

Access Control Door Reader Systems 

Network-attached door access control systems connect to your network through a controller or directly to the network. The access control door reader and the controller can be located at the door and use Power over Ethernet (PoE). There are several choices described below.

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Access Control Comparison
Comparison of Access Control Readers

Door access control can be implemented using intelligent network-attached IP reader-controllers or by using an Slave Readers attached to IP controllers

The Reader-Controllers are easier to install, while the controllers with separate readers are more flexible and include advanced features. These IP door readers are part of the Door Access Control System.

IP Controller with Reader(s)

Access controller System
Controller with attached readers

Readers connect to a controller and the controller is connected to the network. One or more readers can be connected to the network-attached controller 

Enterprise Controller plus Readers

IP Reader-Controller

IP Reader-Controller

The reader-controller connects directly to the network. There are three types of network-attached reader-controllers: 

Isonas Reader-Controllers

Biometric Reader-Controllers

Pro-Series Proximity Reader-Controllers

IP Door Reader Comparison

Professional Door Access Systems

Isonas Reader-Controller 

The Isonas access control system includes intelligent readers. The controller includes all the Power for the electric lock It also provides connections for door sensors, relays, Request to Exit (REX) buttons, motion detectors, and more. The Isonas reader/controller supports mobile credentials. 


Biometric Reader-Controllers 

Biometric Reader/controllers use your fingerprint or facial features as the credential. These IP reader-controllers hold all the biometric information inside the reader/controller. They are powered over Ethernet. 

This series of reader/controllers also includes proximity door reader/controllers (without biometrics). 


Enterprise Access Control System

Access Controller with Slave Readers 

The Hartmann door access system uses a separate network-attached IP controller. The controller can be located at the door or placed in a central location and can support more than one door. This access control system uses Slave Door Readers.  Read More … 

IP Access Controller 

The access controller connects to the network and one or more slave door readers can be connected to it. The controller connects to the network and is managed by access control management software.  Read more about the access controller … 

Slave Door Control Readers 

Slave or dumb Proximity door readers connect to a separate controller. 

The door readers use proximity (or “prox”) credentials. There are several types of credentials that can be used with these readers such as 125KHz frequency or the Smartcard or Mifare technology that use 13.56 MHz. Both types are contactless credentials that are activated when they are close to the reader (in proximity). 

The slave readers are sometimes called Wiegand readers because they use the Wiegand interface to connect to the controller. 

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Door Access Control System

Door Readers for Mobile Credentials 

You can also add mobile credential door readers that use your smartphone as the credential. 

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For more information about credentials read our article, Comparison of Door Access Credentials

IP Access Control System Comparison 

The reader-controllers such as the professional biometric IP readers and Isonas reader/controller include a built-in access controller. The Isonas system is the easiest to install while the Hartmann Enterprise access control system is more flexible and provides increased functionality. The following chart provides a quick look at the features of each type of access control system. 

Enterprise Access ControlMidsize Access ControlBiometric Access Control
Controllers connect to NetworkControllers connect to NetworkControllers connect to Network
PoE PowerPoE PowerPoE Power (Some Models)
Operates even if the network is down (if the controller has PoE power)Operates even if the network is down (if the controller has PoE power)Operates even if the network is down (if the controller has PoE power)
Separate Controller supports up to two Door ReadersCombined reader and controllerCombined reader and controller
The readers provide 12 VDC power for the electric lockThe readers provide 12 VDC power for the electric lockNo
Wide selection of card credentialsLess selections of credentialsBiometric Fingerprint, finger-vein, palm, face recognition
Indoor and Outdoor OperationIndoor and Outdoor OperationMostly Indoor
Sophisticated Mobile credentials using smartphoneSimple mobile credentials using smartphoneNo
Access Control Management LocalAccess Control Management CloudAccess Control Management Local
Enhanced Management SoftwareSimple Management SoftwareGood Management Software
Integrates with IP Camera SystemsNoNo
High Security level with multiple credentialsMedium security levelHighest security level
Supports thousands of doorsSupports hundreds of doorsSmall Number of Doors
Elevator Control OptionNoElevator Control Option
Select the Enterprise SystemSelect the Isonas Midsize Access Control SystemSelect the Biometric Access System
IP Door Access Control Comparison Chart

Take a look at our article, IP Door Access Systems Wiring for more information about installation and the wiring topography of these access control systems, 

What is IP Door Access Control Technology 

This new IP access control technology doesn’t use a central access control box so the installation is much easier.  The intelligence is at the door with the reader instead of being in the central control box. You can start with one reader and add new readers as you need them. For more information about how this new IP access control technology compares to the old technology, take a look at our webpage that Compares Door Access Control Systems

The latest IP readers support various card credential RFID proximity formats.  Besides using credentials, you can use pin codes or even your smartphone to open the door.  You can select readers with a keypad, and those that can operate indoors or outdoors. They are available with trim kits and pre-cut pigtail wiring (10′ or 25′).  The readers accept HID, proprietary proximity credentials (like Isonas), smartcard, MiFare, or Bluetooth mobile credentials. 

Since these door readers attach to the network and use PoE (just like IP cameras) they are very easy to integrate allowing you to create a complete security and safety system. 

We provide complete integrated systems so please contact us (914-944-3425) for help designing your system. 

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