Panoramic IP Cameras

A panoramic IP camera provides a very wide unbroken view in all directions. The panoramic view can be achieved using a single sensor or an array of sensors (or cameras). The following chart compares single-sensor, multi-sensor, and multi-directional IP panoramic cameras.


The chart includes key features that help you select the right panoramic camera for your application. This includes the maximum distance for identifying a person, the low light capability and wide dynamic range. Note that the Multi-directional cameras are not considered to be panoramic, but in many cases, can be used in similar applications. It is also important to selct the right Video Recording System for these IP cameras.

We calculated the range at which you can identify a person using 80 pixels/ft. See our panoramic application article for details.

Panoramic Camera Comparison Chart

Model  Resolution and Identification Range Specifications




PNF-9010R (Indoor)
PNF-9010RV (Outdoor)
PNF-9010RVM (Mobile)

PNM-9010 Panoramic Cameras product sheet


12-Megapixel: 4000 x 3000 pixels

Range for Identification: 11.9 ft. (3.6 m)

Indoor/outdoor Camera

Variable view mode: (Fishyeye), Single panorama, Double panorama, Quad view etc)

Simple focus / Manual – Remote control via network

Color : 0.3 Lux (F2.2, 30IRE), B/W : 0 Lux (IR LED on)

WDR: 120 dB

Power: 12V DC ±10%, PoE (IEEE802.3af, Class3)


Unfortunately, Hikvision IP cameras and systems are no longer available from Kintronics because of the current US government restrictions. Please take a look at the other IP Cameras we have available. 

DS-2CD63C2F-IV (Indoor/outdoor)


More Hikvision IP Cameras


12-Megapixel: 4000 x 3072 pixels

Range for Identification: 11.9 ft. (3.6 m)

Indoor/outdoor Camera

Up to 14 live view displays

Color : 0.4Lux (F2.4, 30IRE), B/W : 0 Lux (IR LED on)

Power: 12V DC ±10%, PoE (IEEE802.3af, Class3)



sony_snc-hm662-panoramic camera



More Details

2560 x 1920

Identification range: 7.6 ft. (2.3 m)

Minimum Illumination: 0.7 lux color; 0.3 lux B/W

Uses ImmerVision Panamorphic lens and de-warping






PNM-9020V Product sheet

Four 2-Megapixel Sensors

7.3 Megapixel

Identification range: 17.2 ft. (5.2 m)

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Panoramic 180-degree

Color: 0.3Lux

Outdoor rated IP66

PoE+ (IEEE802.3at) / 12V DC

Hanwha 15-Megapixel Multi-Sensor




PNM-9030V Product sheet


Four 3.75-Megapixel Sensors


Identification range (180-degree): 24.3 ft. (7.3 m)

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Panoramic 180-degree or 220-degree camera

Color : 0.15lux (F2.0, 1/30sec, 30IRE) / B/W : 0.01lux (F2.0, 1/30sec, 30IRE)

Outdoor rated IP66

PoE+ (IEEE802.3at) / 12V DC


Pelco-Panoramic IP camera

Sorry, this camera is no longer available from Kintronics. The Hanwha PNV-9030V has replaced this camera. It provides improved performance at a lower price. 

180°, 270°, 360° PANORAMIC, 12 MPX IP CAMERAS

180° IMN-12018

270° IMN-12027

360° IMN-12036

Optera IMM Product sheet


Four 3-Megapixel Sensors

12 Megapixel

Identification range:

180° 24.5 ft. (7.5 m)

270° & 360°: 12.25 ft. (3.7 m)

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Panoramic 180°: Color : 0.2Lux, BW: 0.14Lux

Panoramic 270°: Color: 0.3Lux, BW: 0.2Lux

Panoramic 360°: Color: 0.3Lux, BW: 0.2Lux

There are indoor and Outdoor rated IP66 cameras. See product sheet for models available.

PoE+ (IEEE802.3at, class 4)

Multi-Sensor, Multi-directional




7.3 MegaPixel

Not really a Panoramic camera, but can be used in similar applications. Each camera can be positioned and focused separately.




PNM-9081VQ Product sheet


PNM-9080VQ: Four 2-MegaPixel

Identification range at 90-degree setting: 11.9 ft. (3.6 m)

Range doubles (22.8 ft (7.2 m) if the lens is set at 45-degrees.

PNM-9081VQ: Four 5-MegaPixel

Identification range at 90-degree lens setting: 20 ft. (6 m)

The range doubles (40 ft.) if the camera lens is set to 45-degrees.

Indoor/outdoor Camera


Color : 0.015 Lux (F1.4, 1/30sec), B/W : 0.0015 Lux (F1.4, 1/30sec)

WDR: 150 dB

PNM-9080VQ Power: 12V DC, PoE+


Color : 0.07 Lux (F1.2, 1/30sec), B/W : 0.007 Lux (F1.2, 1/30sec)

WDR: 120 dB

Power: 12V DC, HPoE (Injector included)

Application Notes – Panoramic Cameras

Single-Camera Panoramic Cameras: IP cameras that provide 360-degree views use special wide-angle lenses. Very wide lenses distort the image so de-warping software is required that straightens the view.  Single-sensor panoramic cameras are smaller than the multi-sensor panoramic cameras but have less resolution.

Multi-sensor (or camera) Panoramic Cameras: These cameras are larger than the single-sensor camera but provide much more resolution. The cameras (or sensors) are positioned so that the software can stitch the video together to create one large panoramic image. The camera direction can not be changed. They are available with the capability for 180-degree or a 360-degree view.

Multi-Sensor, Multi-Directional Cameras: The latest cameras contain four or more high-resolution cameras (or sensors) that can be adjusted independently. These multi-direction cameras can be used in similar applications as the panoramic cameras. The difference is that these cameras do not stitch all the views together like the panoramic cameras.

To learn more about IP Panoramic cameras and learn how to calculate the working distance for the camera take a look at our article, Comparison of Panoramic IP Cameras.

If you need help selecting the right panoramic IP camera, please contact us.