Network Attached Cameras

IP Camera system integrationThere are many different CCTV cameras available and it can be confusing. The complete surveillance system includes not only the cameras, but it also includes Video Management Software or NVRs, lenses, enclosures, network switches, and even analytic software. A complete security system can also include door access control, intercoms, and network attached emergency paging.

Take a look at the list of IP cameras below, and then contact us for assistance. We will be happy to help assure you get everything you need.  For more information, look at our article, What is the Best Price to Pay for your Camera? , and IP Camera Price to Performance Table.

Cameras for Your IP Camera System

Samsung (Hanwha)

Samsung is now known as Hanwha Techwin, but it’s the same great camera company.  They have a full line IP megapixel surveillance cameras that attach to your network. They have been making quite an impression in the security and surveillance market because they have excellent performance and pricing.  You will find that their IP cameras provide better cost-performance than Axis or Sony.

Box Cameras
Samsung IP Box CameraThe Hanwha box IP cameras are great for applications that require special lenses and enclosures. The high-performance models include remote focus and wide dynamic range.

Bullet Cameras
Bullet cameras with IR illuminators are easy to install and have many advanced functions such as remote zoom and focus lenses. All these IP surveillance cameras are powered using PoE.

Dome Cameras
Hanwha dome IP cameraDome IP cameras are unobtrusive and nice looking. They are easy to install. The high-end models include remote zoom and focus lenses.  IP cameras that support two-way audio, and have input and output connections, are the best choice when you need to add an intercom for remote door access control.

PTZ Cameras
SNP-6320RH PTZ CamerasHanwha’s new 2-megapixel PTZ IP camera provides amazing long range viewing. It far surpasses the similar Axis 2 megapixel camera which only has a 20X zoom lens versus the 32X zoom lens provided by the Hanwha (Samsung) camera.

Full line of Samsung Hanwha IP Cameras



HikVision-bullet IP CameraWhen Hikvision IP cameras were introduced in the USA, their mission was to replace Axis as the dominant camera provider.  Today they are the largest manufacturer of IP cameras in the world.

Hikvision has continued to improve their camera performance, and are now comparable to Samsung (Hanwha) and Sony cameras.  We tested their new cameras and were impressed by their performance. They added wide dynamic range and remote zoom and auto-focus lenses that dramatically improved their overall capability.

There is a wide selection of surveillance cameras including, box, dome, bullet, and PTZ IP cameras. The cameras range in price from under $150 for the “Value Series” to the high-performance 4K, 8.8-megapixel outdoor camera with a remotely adjustable lens at under $1,200.

Hikvision also has some very nice Network Video Recorders (NVR) systems. The recorders also support some other camera manufacturers such as Axis, Canon, Sony and other cameras that are compatible with ONVIF.

More about Hikvision products.    Top


Outdoor IQeye IP CameraIQinvision merged with Vicon to create a new company that offers a larger variety of products.  IQinvision was the original place to go for high-resolution cameras.  Now there are many other surveillance camera manufacturers that provide higher resolution cameras.  Take a look at Hanwha (Samsung) and Sony cameras. The benefit of high-resolution IP camera is that it allows you to identify a person’s face or license plate number in a wide field of view.  IQinvision still has a number of good indoor and outdoor-ready box and dome cameras available that are powered over Ethernet (PoE).  Pricing starts at under $350. Contact us for pricing on all the models available.

These IQeye cameras provide up to 5 MPixel resolution. The IP cameras are available with a selection of megapixel lenses and have very good low-light performance.

See the full line of IQinvision Cameras



Panasonic box IP cameraPanasonic has been expanding their range of IP products. See the full line of Panasonic cameras and contact us for pricing. Panasonic provides a wide selection of hybrid cameras that have both analog and network connections. They also have a number of dome and PTZ cameras that provide very good performance.

More Panasonic cameras




Sony dome IP camerasSony has very high-performance IP cameras that include box, bullet, dome, and PTZ cameras. They all feature excellent low light performance and wide dynamic range.  It is one of the best cameras to use in challenging lighting situations.

Fixed cameras include megapixel resolution and outdoor rated bullet cameras with IR illuminators.  The cameras feature remote back focus.

Dome cameras include megapixel resolution and IR illuminators.  They feature remote zoom and remote back focus that makes installation and set up very easy to do.

Sony IP PTZ cameraPTZ IP camera systems have Megapixel resolution, with up to 30X zoom. These cameras have excellent wide dynamic range.

More Sony IP cameras. Sony has a complete line of excellent cameras for many different applications.



Fixed Dome IP Cameras

m32 series dome cameraDome cameras are available for indoor and outdoor applications. These cameras look nice, are protected from damage (especially the vandal resistant versions), and some have remote control lens adjustment making them very easy to install. The latest P33 series of cameras include improved light handling capability that includes wide dynamic range and very low light sensitivity.

Box Cameras

Axis box cameraBox cameras provide the flexibility of using different lenses. There are models for just indoor applications and others that can be used outdoors.

The outdoor-ready models have the ability to operate in a wide range of lighting because they include auto-iris lenses.

Pricing ranges from under $179 to over $1200 depending on performance, resolution, and functions. The new outdoor-ready cameras are available in enclosures that are powered over Ethernet (PoE)

PTZ Cameras

q6032e PTZ IP CameraThere is a choice of economical or high-performance Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) IP cameras to choose from. PTZ cameras are available with up to 2-megapixel resolution.

High-performance PTZ are outdoor-ready, powered by PoE, and provide up to 36X optical zoom with image stabilization.  AXIS is one of the largest manufacturers of IP cameras and systems. They provide excellent technical support and have a wide selection of cameras.

Take a look at the full line of Axis cameras.


Other Cameras Available


Brickcom has a selection of cube, dome, bullet, and other surveillance cameras.  Besides the standard models that include PoE power, there are models that include wireless and 3G SIM card options.


Canon purchased Axis and now their cameras are part of the Axis Line up.  The traditional Canon cameras made use of the Canon lens expertise.  They featured megapixel resolution with excellent low light sensitivity.


IPX-DDK-1700 Box camera  |  IPX-DDK-1700D Dome Camera

This low-cost 2-Megapixel dome IP camera includes built-in IR illumination allowing it to see in the dark for a distance of 60 ft. It can be used indoors or outdoors.


JVC has limited styles of IP cameras in their line-up. They include megapixel surveillance cameras. The latest cameras feature “fine adjust” focusing.    More JVC cameras



Vivotek is manufactured in Taiwan.  They provide reasonable quality cameras for low prices. They have a wide variety of economic dome and box cameras.  Camera pricing starts at under $300.


If you would like help selecting the right IP camera, please contact us.  We can be reached at 800-431-1658 in the USA or at 914-944-3425, or just use our contact form.