Intercoms for IP Systems

Intercoms for IP Camera Systems and Door Access Control

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These network attached IP intercom systems provide an easy way to communicate across your organization. They also provide a secure way to control access to all your doors.

Kintronics provides a choice of intercom systems, from simple audio units to advanced systems that include video and advanced Video Management Software.

The intercoms connect to the network and allow control of electric locks or door access control readers.

Video Management Software (VMS) can be used for control, monitoring, and recording.

The intercoms connect to the network and allow control of electric locks or door access control readers. Video Management Software (VMS) can be used for control, monitoring, and recording. Please contact us to select the correct interface equipment for your specific door and access control reader.

Please contact us to select the correct interface equipment for your specific door and access control reader.

The features of IP Intercoms include

  • The IP intercoms can connect to one or more central command locations.
  • These intercoms can be used to control access to multiple doors.
  • The intercoms include call button and door release
  • Very easy to install since they use your network infrastructure
  • They are very flexible, provide excellent performance, and are very scaleable.
  • Select a model that connects directly to an IP camera, to your network, or even your smartphone
  • Easily integrate with IP door access control systems to provide a complete security system
  • Integrate with Video Management Software for easy door control and increased safety
  • The apartment intercom system provides communication to multi-tenents using their mobile device

Intercom Models

Network-attached intercom
Network-attached intercom

Intercom Connected to Network

The IP intercom Includes a call button and a door release and attaches directly to the network. Includes PoE interface box and Talkmaster software that provides doorbell notification, two-way audio and door release.  The relay is included so it can be connected directly to the electric lock. Indoor and outdoor versions available.  Intercom can be answered on your Windows computer using a software application.

Product sheet

Intercom Connected to IP Camera
Intercom Connected to IP Camera

Intercom Connected to IP Camera

Intercom with a call button attaches directly to a separate IP Camera that supports two-way audio. It allows you to view people at the door. Includes interface box for camera and intercom; all powered by PoE. Contact us for selecting the right door control readers or electric locks with relays, compatible cameras, and software. Indoor and outdoor versions available. Intercoms answered using your IP camera Video Management Software client.

Product sheet

Apartment Intercom
Apartment Intercom

Apartment Video Intercom Designed for Use with Mobile Devices

Select a multi-tenant intercom station that communicates with your mobile device or VoIP telephone. The TruView-Touch intercom panel makes it very easy to open the lobby door from anywhere. The app on your mobile device can use the WiFi network or cell phone system to communicate with the intercoms.

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How the IP Intercoms Work – The Systems Diagram

These intercoms connect to the network. They interface with IP cameras and IP door access control readers. Most intercoms are Powered over Ethernet (PoE) and are controlled with Intercom software or Video Management Software that provide easy door control as well as video recording.

IP Intercoms and IP Cameras

IP Intercom Integration Diagram

Electric Door Locks

Electric strikes or magnetic locks are required to control the door. There is a choice of electric strikes or magnetic locks (maglocks). In many cases, the electric strikes are better to use because they stay locked even if power is lost. Maglocks are used for special situations such as when it is not possible to use the electric strike or when you want to control access from both directions.

Electric Strikes

The strike replaces the fixed strike plate in a standard lock. This electric strike latch allows the door to close and latch just like a fixed strike would. To exit from a secured area, the door can be opened by using a knob or level.

Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks are used when electric strikes can’t be used. They are also used in high-security areas where you need to monitor the movement of people. Since people are required to use their access cards in both directions, you can track who enters and leaves a secure area. Maglocks should be used with care because they prevent people from leaving an area as well as entering an area. Special exit mechanisms are usually required to make sure people can exit in emergencies.

Kintronics provides total integrated solutions that include IP camera systems, Video Management Software, IP door access control readers, door access control software, electric locks, and fully integrated video intercoms. Everything attaches to the network, making installation very simple.

Buyers Guide for IP Intercoms

Which Intercom is Best for you? Here are the Pros and Cons.

These new intercom systems connect directly to the network or integrate with IP cameras. Powered by PoE, they are very easy to install. They are especially good for multi-building organizations since they connect wherever you have a network. They also open an electric lock (with additional relay) or the latest IP door access control readers creating a complete door control system. The video-enabled door access control system provides complete control of your environment. Authorized people can gain access using their credentials or even using biometrics, while visitors can be monitored for controlled entry. These complete systems enhance your total security assuring a safe environment in this uncertain world.

When someone comes to the door, the visitor can push the call button which notifies a person at a computer. The control person can talk to the visitor and make a decision to grant entry or not. Here is an overview of the different systems available.



Connects to the network and provides two-way audio. It connects to an electric lock or IP door access control reader. The system uses Talkmaster intercom software on your Windows computer to provide notification and two-way audio as well as remote door release. The intercom connects directly to the network and can be part of a central emergency alert system. Take a look at our network attached PA systems for more details about paging systems. This system does not provide as much protection as those that use video. Intercom systems start at about $495.

They are best used when you have other video surveillance cameras that are viewing the door.


This intercom integrates with an IP camera. It includes easy to use CAT5 connections between the interface unit and intercom panel as well as the IP camera. Leads from the interface box, with 3.5 mm plugs, connect directly to the IP cameras audio in and audio out connectors. Power is provided by PoE and powers both the camera and intercom with a single drop point, making this a very easy to install the system.  It can easily integrate with an IP door access control reader, providing both automated and manual control of all your doors. The system can be monitored and controlled using Windows Explorer but requires Video Management Software (VMS) to provide doorbell notification. When these systems are used with an IP camera that is viewing the doorway, they provide more security by allowing you to view and identify visitors. The intercom pricing starts at $375, but then you have to add the camera (that supports 2-way audio and IO) can cost over $500.

These are best used when you need to integrate the intercom with video management software.  It also allows you to view large areas around the door. It can provide better situational awareness than the intercom with the built-in camera.


This IP intercom system includes the intercom panel plus an IP camera.  It can be used with your mobile device or smartphone and allows you to monitor the door from anywhere.  It utilizes a phone connection as well as communication through the Cloud to your smartphone.

This IP intercom is best used when you need to answer the door from your smartphone or other mobile devices.  It works with iPhone and Android devices.


This multi-tenant intercom system is designed for use in large organizations with many tenants.  This is a wireless system designed for apartment houses, large buildings, or campuses, and communicates with smartphones.

Apartment Intercom

The intercom touchscreen panel allows you to reach any individual or department in the organization. It is a complete system that includes a built-in camera so you can see who’s at the door.

The Apartment Intercom Connects to Smartphones

It allows each person to use their smartphone app, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices to answer a call from the apartment intercom in the lobby. No matter where you are in the world, you can answer the door.

This intercom is best used in multi-tenant facilities when you need to answer the door using your mobile device and would like to see a person’s face.   

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Video Management Software for Intercoms

The TVIP-IntercomV integrates with Video Management Software (VMS). The Video Management Software provides a complete integrated safety and security system.  It provides an alert sound whenever a visitor pushes the call button and then allows you to view and talk to them. You can then release the door. The VMS software can be used with the TVIP-IntercomV unit. It can be used on multiple computers and also allows you to record the video, providing total surveillance and security. Read more about VMS for IP cameras.

Resources for IP Intercoms

The following resources can be used to help you understand the technology. Contact us for help with your system. Our engineers will make sure you get the exact system you need.

Technical Articles and Application Notes

Comparison of Apartment Intercom Systems
There are still many analog intercom systems in use today. The latest intercoms include large touch-screen displays and communicate the cell network to the smartphone of the person in the apartment. The system uses cell communication so you can contact the person no matter where in the world they are.  

Comparison of IP Intercoms
IP intercoms can be used to notify you that someone is at the door or provide communication between many locations (like schoolrooms) and a central office.  Here is a comparison of the different systems available.

How Intercoms Communicate with Your Smartphone
The IP intercom systems can use local intercom servers as well as remote cloud servers to provide the communication path between the intercom and the smartphone. Here’s how the latest IP intercoms work.

Paging and PA Over IP
You may have heard about Voice over IP or VoIP, well now it’s paging over IP. This new public address system provides voice and intercom over the network. But how does this all work? This article describes how this technology works.

Buyers Guide for IP Intercoms
An intercom can be used to manually control a door. It can be used with an IP camera so you can talk and see who’s at the door. Which Intercom is Best for you? Here are the Pros and Cons.

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Technical Support

Intercom systems can be complex because they include many different components that have to work together. Kintronics is a resource for engineering and integration of all your security projects. We can design your complete system so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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