Smartphone Door Access Using Bluetooth Reader

Mobile Credentials Enabled Door Access Systems

Mobile Credential Door Access SystemNow your smartphone is your access key. You don’t need to carry a card credential.  Both Isonas and Hartmann include Apps that connect your smartphone to their readers using Bluetooth. This mobile credential is the latest way of controlling your door access.

These Door Access Systems Use Your Smartphone as the Credential

Isonas provides a simple solution that requires opening an app on your smartphone while the Hartmann system will connect to the reader even if the phone is locked. Both systems use virtual credentials that are added to the smartphone. They provide easy registration and management of the virtual credentials.

Mobile Smartphone Credential Door Access Control Kits

The following door access control kits include a door reader that supports mobile smartphone door credentials.  The kits include the door controller and the reader. Hartmann uses an advanced system that provides multiple ways to unlock the door using the smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app, the smartphone is ready to open the door. The system unlocks the door as long as the app is running and your phone is close to the reader. You can open the door without the need to unlock your phone.

SDC-XB-BT100Kit Mobile Credential Access Kit With Mullion Reader

Mobile Credential Door Reader and ControllerThis kit includes the door controller and the BT100M door reader that supports Bluetooth credential and smartcard proximity credentials.

The kit includes one of the most secure and compact readers available. The BT100M reader operates with smartcards as well as Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies. This mullion reader is specially designed for installation in small spaces.

The BT100M door reader is especially powerful when integrated with the Hartmann controller.  The reader identifies mobile phones and uses a swipe or handsfree identification modes.  The BT100M door reader is outdoor rated IP65 reader. It can read 13.56 MHz credentials as well as the mobile credential. Mullion mount. Used with Hartmann control panels (It also can attach to elevator panel).

Reader Operating temperatures: – 20°C to + 70°C / – 4°F to + 158°F

Product sheet

SDC-XB-BT103Kit Mobile Credential Access Kit with Wall Mounted Reader

Wall Style Mobile Credential ReaderThis kit includes a door controller and the BT103M door reader.

The BT103M reader is designed for a single-gang wall mount (rather than the mullion type above). It supports Bluetooth credentials and can also read 13.56 MHz credentials.

The reader is a secure vandal-proof card reader compliant with RFID and Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies. Compliant with existing access control systems, the BT103M reader identifies mobile phones thanks to many Prox or handsfree identification modes.

It supports Bluetooth credentials and smartcard RFID credentials. Outdoor rated IP65. Single-gang wall mount. Used with Hartmann control panels (It also can attach to elevator panel).

Reader Operating temperatures: – 20°C to + 70°C / – 4°F to + 158°F

Product sheet

SDC-XB-BT123Kit Mobile Credential Access Kit with Keypad Reader

Mobile Credential Reader with KeypadThe kit includes the BT123M door reader that includes a keypad. This single-gang wall-mounted reader supports Bluetooth and 13.56MHz credentials.

The reader is a vandal-proof reader combining RFID / Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies with a capacitive keypad. The reader identifies mobile phones thanks to advanced swipe or handsfree identification modes.

This RFID reader includes a Wiegand connection. Outdoor rated IP65. Can also read 13.56 MHz credentials. Single-gang wall mount. Used with Hartmann control panels (It also can attach to elevator panel).

Reader Operating temperatures: – 20°C to + 70°C / – 4°F to + 158°F

Product sheet

Isonas Mobile Credentials Readers

Isonas-bluetooth-basicThe intelligent Isonas reader includes the built-in control function. It provides a simple door access control solution that supports mobile and proximity credentials.

Isonas provides a simple solution.  The phone must be unlocked and requires the user to enable the app to open the door.

When you don’t want to use a card! You can unlock your door, open a gate, or even your garage door using your Smartphone. Just select the Bluetooth enabled Isonas reader.

The Bluetooth reader is very easy to install. These are short-range units that allow you to unlock your door as you walk near it (using an app).

Highlights of Smartphone Mobile Door Control

Your mobile phone credential provides Access Control using Your Smartphone Bluetooth Connection


The Isonas RC04 readers support  RFID Protocols: 125Khz FSK Prox®, 13.56MHz, ISO14443A & B, ISO15693, and integrated Bluetooth

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) allows you to use your smartphone as your credential.

When you need simple door access control, you can use the IP Reader with Bluetooth. Your phone is your key. Simply pair your phone with the IP reader. Then you can do many things such as:

  • Control a gate
  • Open your door
  • Turn on your lights
  • Open garage door
  • Arm/disarm your security system

To increase safety, you can add IP Cameras and create a complete security system.

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