Access Control in a World of Infectious Diseases

Temperature Monitoring Door Access Control for Health

Access Control with Temperature Monitoring
Access Control with Temperature Monitoring

Organizations are still transitioning between working at home and returning to work. Many organizations are looking for ways to make the work environment as safe as possible. There are so many infectious diseases in the news today it’s hard to keep track and, significantly, how to mitigate the spread of disease. This winter, health experts worried about the “tripledemic” of respiratory illness. They were concerned not only about Covid but also about flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Since temperature is one measure of illness, many organizations have added temperature monitoring at the entry points of the buildings.

This article reviews various devices that can control the door and monitor a person’s temperature.

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How Network-Attached Audio Works

Transmitting Audio Over the Network

Network-Attached Paging
Network-Attached Paging

The sound waves from someone singing are picked up by a microphone and converted to analog electric signals. This electric signal can be sent to an amplifier and then to a speaker so that many people can hear the sound. When we convert the analog signal to a digital signal and connect to the IP network, we can send sound around the world.

This article describes how this network-attached audio system works.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons Jokes-97

An elderly man is stopped by the police around 2 a.m. and is asked where he is going at this time of night.
The man replies, “I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late.”
The officer then asks, “Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?” The man replies, “That would be my wife.”

My math teacher called me average.
Now that’s mean!

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Technology Articles of 2022

Educational Articles About Security Technology

Tech Articles of 2022
Tech Articles of 2022

Following years of uncertainty—and a global pandemic that has proven to be one of the most challenging events in history—we forged on. In 2022 we continued to publish technical articles that informed and educated the security market.

This article summarizes some of the technical topics we covered in our newsletter.

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Biometric Door Reader Security

Comparison of Face Recognition, finger-vein, and Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric Door Readers
Biometric Door Readers

Biometric readers are used instead of card readers to open a door. They identify a human characteristic, such as your face or fingerprint, and are much more secure than standard card credentials. Card credentials can be stolen, lost, or given to another person.

This article compares some of the popular biometric readers.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons Jokes-96

Adam is in the Garden of Eden and is feeling lonely. So he asks God for someone to share his existence.

God answers, “of course, I can create a being that will support you no matter what you do, provide for you, and never argue.”

Adam is excited and asks, “that sounds perfect; what will it cost me?”

“An arm and a leg”

“….what can I get for a rib?”

Cartoon for IT
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IP Cameras Price Versus Performance

Comparison of Cost to Performance of IP Cameras

IP Camera Price Comparison
IP Camera Price Comparison

What is the right price for an IP camera system? It depends on your requirements—IP Cameras range in price from around $150 to over $3,000. The least expensive cameras provide less capability and performance than the more expensive variety. For example, you will pay more for a camera that can notify you if someone steals the laptop off the table.

This article provides the cost-performance range of various IP cameras.

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How the Apartment Intercom Works

What is Inside the Apartment Intercom

The Apartment Intercom
The Apartment Intercom

The latest lobby intercoms include a large touchscreen panel, intercom, camera, and wireless connections to the tenant’s phones.  This multi-tenant intercom system connects from the lobby intercom station to an app on each person’s smartphone.

This article reviews the apartment Intercon’s state-of-the-art components making this a valuable and easy-to-install system for apartment houses and multi-tenant organizations.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons Jokes-95

What do you get a man with the heart of a lion?
A lifetime ban from the zoo.

A man died after drinking varnish. It was a terrible end but a beautiful finish.

Why is Peter Pan always flying?
He neverlands.

What kind of tea is the hardest to swallow?

I bought a ceiling fan the other day.
It was a complete waste of money. He just stands there applauding and says, “Ooh, I love how high it is.”

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The Best Value When Purchasing Your Security System

How to Get the Best IP Camera and Door Access Systems

Best Security System
The Best Security System

Remember the old idiom that “you get what you pay for.” We seem to learn this over and over again. We rarely get a real bargain, yet we always look for the best deal. This article provides guidance that helps ensure that you get the best price for your IP camera and door access systems. More importantly, we will ensure that you get the security system that meets your expectations.

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