Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software Comparison

Visitor Management System

Visitor authentication and management systems enhance the safety and security of your organization. Today’s heightened interest in security and health has resulted in the need for visitor authentication. With the addition of access control panels and kiosks, you can provide temperature monitoring and protective mask detection.

There are three new visitor management software packages that support corporations, commercial properties, and education.

Select from the Following Visitor Management Versions:

Visitor Management for the Corporation


This software is designed for a single site. Hosts can use the driver’s license scanning feature to ensure identity. Active Directory makes it easier to integrate into your computer system. This feature-rich software is an excellent resource for organizations that are interested in safety and security.

Visitor Management for Commercial Properties


This software supports locations where many organizations occupy the same building. The software supports the shared lobby welcome area. The database allows the central concierge to manage visitors to multiple organizations in the building.

Visitor Management for Education


This software is designed for educational organizations. Visitor management in education provides essential functions that keep the school safer—blacklisting specific people in the student database avoids custodial mistakes with student pickups. It prevents fines or even lawsuits.

All these visitor management software systems allow you to issue a QR code, an authentication key sent to the guest’s mobile device, and a live photo captured at every visit to assure visitor validity.

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What is Visitor Management

A visitor management system is a software and hardware system that makes it easy to keep track of your visitors. The visitor management systems not only provide tracking of visitors they also provide visitor authentication and health monitoring. They can include access control panels that provide facial recognition, temperature monitoring, and mask detection to keep your organization safe.

These new visitor management systems allow you to send invitations to meetings. They also can sign in a walk-in visitor. The software is available for on-site or cloud applications.

Scheduling Visitors

Hosts have the luxury of planning by sending visitors a unique QR code via text and/or email. This provides advanced registration for their appointment. When the guest arrives, they just present their QR code and their authentication key along with capturing a live photo, and they are digitally logged into the premises.


Whether it be a school or a commercial facility, you can blacklist anyone to deter unwanted visitors from gaining access.

Emergency Notifications

When unexpected situations arise, TirSoftVAMS has your back with emergency notifications. You can customize who receives the notification and what the message says. And if the front desk does not have the time to type a message, there is an SOS button to alert the right people to assist in the situation.

Health Questionnaire

The visitor management control system incorporates a health questionnaire that automates the health check process for visitors.


TirSoft-VAMS allows you to run extensive reports from students to contractors to visitors. The reports can be exported in a CSV format or excel- whichever fits your needs!

Visitor Management Software Common Features

  • Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software
  • Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow
  • Multiple language options
  • Stable, Fast and Consistent Communication
  • Customizable visitor entry forms
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Sync and integrated with access control systems
  • Alarms and Events Email Notifications
  • System Log Monitoring System
  • Standard, Advanced, and High Secure options

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How the Visitor Management System Works

Here are some examples of the steps used for walk-in and pre-registered guests.

Walk-in Visitor Workflow

  • Walk-in visitor scans the QR code prominently placed near the Access Control device such as the TVIP-VisitorBio kiosk device.  
  • This opens a visitor registration page on the browser of visitor’s mobile phone
  • Host approves the visit
  • The visitor receives the appointment confirmation with a link to a new QR code via text message/email to be scanned on the access control device
  • This QR code scan on the access control device gets the scan for temperature and mask compliances done 
  •  Successful scan checks the visitor successfully in the premises
QR code

Scheduled Visitor Workflow

  • The host creates an appointment for their visitors
  • The visitor receives the appointment confirmation with a link to the QR code
  • The visitor receives the appointment confirmation with a link to the QR code
  • Visitor scans the QR code on the access control device, gets the scan for temperature and mask compliances done 
  • Successful scan checks the visitor successfully in the premises
Text-message-for visitor

Why Use Visitor Management Software

Visitor management helps you provide a secure environment. It has become more critical in today’s world. Now more than ever, it is essential to find the best way to protect our organizations from both physical intrusions and disease.

The visitor management systems have evolved from the writing pad with people signing in. Now the latest digital systems can do many more things such as verifying people who visit, pre-registering them, and checking their temperature.

These systems can use a person’s license to assure that a person is not on any government watch lists or to provide a way of controlling people that are on a blacklist.

Visitor Management in Schools

In schools, we monitor who enters the building, and if they are healthy. Schools can also find comfort in blacklisting specific people in the student database to avoid custodial mistakes with student pickups, therefore, avoiding fines or even lawsuits.

Visitor Management in Corporations

In large organizations, the software offers continuous communication between the visitor and the host, so both parties receive an email and or a text message to inform them when the appointment is set and when the visitor has checked in to see the host. The host even has the option to send out invitations so that they can approve and deny/ revise proposed appointments.

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Compatible with TVIP-VisitorBio Kiosk

The visitor management software is compatible with several access control panels that provide visitor verification and control door access. For example, the TVIP-VisitorBio Kiosk is a high-performance face recognition reader that includes body temperature and mask detection.

This multi-purpose touchless Kiosk is designed for visitor management applications. It consists of a 13-inch touchscreen designed to provide users touchless check-in and body temperature verification.

The VisitorBio kiosk has an integrated thermal camera that can detect body temperature within 0.6 F accuracy.

It can be programmed to trigger an audio/visual alert and send notification’s whenever unacceptable body temperature is detected. Learn more…

Other Compatible Peripherals

Hardware Brand Name
Flatbed scanner Canon Flatbed Scanner – LID120
Signature Pad Wacom CTL-471
Passport Scanner ARH – ComboSmart
Visiting Card Reader Cardscan 360
Barcode Scanner Honeywell/Argox
QR Code Reader Honeywell 1452
Web Camera Logitech/Microsoft (Any Web Camera will do)
Printer Any Windows Based Printer can be used for printing visitor pass.
Android Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM – T561
iOS Tablet iPad (iOS 9 or above)
Bluetooth Printer Brother QL 820NWB
Label Printer Dymo Labelwriter 450
Laser Printer HP LaserJet P1108
Visitor Management System Devices

More Visitor Management for Business

EasyLobby SVM™ (Secure Visitor Management software), is an older software product. It provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, tracking, reporting, and badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration by employees, access control integration, package and asset management, and employee time and attendance. Read more…

Visitor Management Support

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