Analytic and Specialized Camera Systems

Analytic Functions in IP Cameras

Analytic IP Camera

A number of IP Cameras contain analytic functions that detect changes in the video. For example, most cameras include motion detection, but some have more features that allow you to fine-tune the detection. For example, some IP cameras allow you to adjust for the size of the object or provide detection windows or exclusion windows that allow you to adjust where the detection occurs.

More complex analytics include detection of an object crossing a line, or of a missing object, or even detection of an object left behind.

IP Camera Systems with AI

Artificial Intelligence has been added to IP camera systems.

The Hanwha ( Samsung ) P-Series IP cameras have very advanced analytic functions, and special software is available with advanced capability that can detect threats such as a person with a gun.

The Hanwha cameras include the ability to determine if an object has appeared or disappeared. They can create an alarm if an object crosses a virtual line. They even can detect audio events such as a person screaming or gunshot. All these features improve security by notifying the right people about a security alarm.

License Plate Recognition System

Automated License Plate Recognition (LPR or APLR) is more than just License Plate Capture. These systems convert the image (picture of the license) to computer data that can be checked against a database. The system includes high-performance IP cameras designed for this application and powerful software that provides consistent and reliable results.

Applications include Vehicle Identification Alerts that let you know when a targeted license has been detected, Gate Access control that lets you open a gate when the right license is detected or even detect toll road violations.

Automated License Plate Recognition
Automated License Plate Recognition

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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

3D facial recognition extends the traditional methods of facial recognition to live-stream accurate capture and identification. If you need to find the criminal entering your building or walking down the street, this is the best solution for you. It integrates with IP camera systems.

Three-dimensional face recognition (3D face recognition) is a method of facial recognition where the three-dimensional geometry of the human face is used. It has been shown that 3D face recognition methods can achieve significantly higher accuracy than their 2D counterparts, rivaling other biometric recognition.

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Face Recognition with Temperature Screening

This biometric door reader includes an IP camera that can be integrated with your IP camera system. It provides face authentication and temperature monitoring. It can prevent the entry of a person that has an elevated temperature or if they are not wearing a protective face mask.

Designed for organizations that need door access control as well as a way to screen people as they enter a secure area.

The biometric door reader includes an embedded thermal camera and the latest face recognition algorithm.

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Complete City Surveillance Systems

A complete dedicated surveillance system is excellent for monitoring areas in a city.

These systems contain a complete IP surveillance system that includes multiple cameras, a computer system, special video recording software, communication equipment such as WiFi, 3G/4G systems and special power systems. These IP security systems are designed to assure that law enforcement is aware of what’s happening in all environments.

The system includes the choice of cameras and a built-in NVR system with up to 1 TB of storage. Choice of up to 2 cameras is provided in a complete environmental enclosure with power distributor, surge protection, heater/blower and space for additional components.

City Surveillance System

Select from a wide range of PTZ cameras and or fixed cameras to create a system capable of identifying a person’s face or license number over 400 ft away.

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Special Analog Cameras

Special analog cameras can be useful when you need a special function not provided by an IP camera. For example, there are very small pinhole cameras, covert cameras or very low light cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras operate even when there is no light. They can detect the heat from objects and can be very effective at very long distances. This type of thermal imager will detect thermal activity in total darkness, through smoke, dust, blowing sand, fog, and other obscurants.

Long-Range Camera

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