Pro Series Proximity IP Door Reader

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Access Control Readers and Reader-Controller

Access Control Reader-Controller
Access Control Reader-Controller

This Reader-Controller is part of the Biometric family of Door Access Control

There are two types of access control systems. One uses simple slave door readers, and the other uses reader-controllers.

The professional series of RFID proximity IP door reader-controllers provide extended functionality.  These IP readers provide advanced functionality such as elevator control, pass-back control, emergency lockdown, and integration with video recording systems.

The readers are part of the pro-series biometric family of IP door readers. The Pro Series biometric readers can detect multiple characteristics such as fingerprint and finger-vein, or facial recognition and fingerprints.

The network-attached Pro-series is designed to be easily installed. You can start with just one IP reader and add additional readers as required. The door readers can operate in standalone mode or as part of a centrally managed enterprise door access control system. The central on-site software TVIP-TIRSoft is licensed per reader.



This indoor professional network-attached RFID reader includes an LCD touchscreen that allows you to enter a PIN code, or set up the reader.

The reader can also be managed using TVIP-TIRSoft central access control software. The readers can be powered using the included power adapter or using the optional PoE kit. The kit includes a power injector and splitter that provides high power for readers and electric locks.

Features of IP Pro Door Readers:

  • Network-attached reader
  • Multiple verification modes include credential and/or pin code
  • Network-attached with the option of power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Stores up to 50,000 credentials.
  • USB flash interface for back up or transfer of database
  • Easy management and operation. It can work by itself or with a computer for large installations requiring centralized management
  • TVIP-TIRSoft Access Control Software provides central management and control
  • Optional HID or Smartcard (MiFare) credential support
  • Built-in camera stores 7,000 event snapshot history and 3,000 user photos
  • Tamper sensor

Models available

TVIP2R-Pro: Includes RFID IP Reader, and everything you need for installation including a backplate, network cable, screws, pigtail cables diode, and screwdriver.

TVIP2R-Pro-POE: Includes RFID IP Reader plus the PoE kit.  The kit includes a high power injector and splitter. It also includes all the items above.

TVIP2R-ProMF: Adds the capability to use Smartcards (MiFare) credentials.

Specifications for Indoor IP Reader

 Feature Description
Touchscreen display2.4-inch TFT-LCD
Network AttachedTCP/IP RJ45 connection
Power12 VDC, 3A (adapter included) or PoE kit
FunctionsAccess Levels/Groups/Holidays, DST/Bell Schedule, Duress Mode (Password), Anti-Passback, Record Query, Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver
Software for Windows ComputerCentral software management—TVIPTirSoft
Dimensions7.7 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches (195.5 x 87 x 35 mm)
CommunicationTCP/IP, RS485 (for slave reader) USB Host Wiegand Input/Output (TVIP-1200 uses RS485)
Lock and Door InterfaceLock Relay Output, Alarm Output/Auxiliary Input, Exit Button/Door Sensor, Doorbell Output
Credential capacity50,000

Product Specification Sheet

Proximity Slave Readers with Controller

The following door readers can be used indoors or outdoors. They are available in kits that include the indoor Procontrol control box that attaches to the same network as other pro readers.  Another option is the outdoor RFID reader with fingerprint capability.  It attaches directly to the network and doesn’t include a control box.

The kit prevents the reader wires from being used to open an external door secured by an electric lock. The TVIP-Procontrol100 box provides the power to the reader and controls the electric lock. TVIP-TIRSoft software provides the central control and management for these door reader systems

Proximity Access Control Reader


The kit includes the TVIP500H RFID slave reader that communicates to the indoor TVIP-procontrol100-KIT, using Wiegand communication. This very small reader is best when you need just an RFID proximity reader for your outer door.

Access Control Reader with Keypad


The kit includes the TVIPSMK-V RFID reader with a control box that provides a connection to the same network system as other Pro readers.  The reader includes a keypad.

This metallic access control reader is designed to be vandal resistant. It reads proprietary prox. cards or keyfob credentials


RFID Prox Reader with Keypad

The kit includes the TVIP502 RFID reader with keypad and with a control box that provides a connection to the same network system as other Pro readers.

The reader supports HID RFID proximity credentials.

Specifications for Outdoor IP Reader Systems

Communication to ReadersWiegand 26(Default) /Wiegand 34, USB (TVIP-1500 uses RS485)
Network AttachedTCP/IP RJ45 connection to TVIP-ProController100
Reader PowerPower provided from Pro-control box (TVIP-procontrol100-KIT)
Power to control box9.6~14.4V DC (adapter provided with kit), or PoE splitter kit
TVIP-502H Environment32°—113° F / 0° C—45° C, IP65
TVIP-500H Environment-35° F to 149° F / -37° C to + 65° C, IP67
TVIP-SMK Environment-4F° to 122F°  / -20° C to + 50° C, IP65, vandal resistant metallic design
Credential capacity (Pro-Control)30,000
Connections (Pro-ControlElectric lock power and control, Door sensor, REX, Door button, AUX
Pro-Control Temperature0° C—45° C

Product Specification Sheet


Door Reader controller
Access Control Box

Professional door access controller. The kit includes the Pro-control module, power supply, and metal box.  It also provides the vandal-resistant security required for outdoor readers.  There is a single door, two-door, and the four-door model.  The controller box provides power to the readers and the electric lock. A power adapter is included in the kit.

Models available:

  • TVIP-ProControl-100Kit: Single-door controller
  • TVIP-ProControl-200Kit: Two-door controller
  • TVIP-ProControl-400Kit: Four-door controller

IPPOEkit: Optional PoE splitter kit is available.

Features of IP Controller:

  • Network-attached control box
  • Multiple verification modes include credential and/or pin code
  • The controller connects to the network and includes a power supply.  There is also an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter
  • Stores up to 30,000 credentials
  • Easy management and operation. It managed by Windows computer running TVIP-TIRsoft software.

Application Note

The outdoor RFID readers connect to an indoor control box. The controller connects to the same network as other Pro readers.  It also provides increased security.  An outdoor door reader can be vandalized. If they break off the reader and short the wires going to the electric lock they may be able to open the door.  To prevent this type of vandalism, the wires that control the lock are removed from the reader. Instead, the lock control is wired from inside the building.

Access Control Diagram
Access Control Diagram

The door reader provides a coded signal to the TVIP-procontrol100-KIT located inside. The Procontrol determines if the credential is acceptable, and if it is, provides the control signals directly to the electric lock.

If you need help selecting the right IP proximity reader, please contact us at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.