IP Door Access Control

Network Attached IP Door Access Control Systems

Access Control ConceptIP Door access control readers connect to your network and are powered by PoE.

You can select IP readers that work with RFID credentials, Bluetooth, or even biometric readers such as fingerprint, or facial recognition. Door access control has become very flexible and reliable.  It keeps your facility safe.

All the IP readers connect to the network switch. The pigtail wires from the door reader provide power to the electric door lock, detect door open or closed, provide the Request to Exit (REX) button input. This makes installation extremely easy.

Select RFID door readers from Isonas, or biometric door readers from Kintronics.

IP Based Door Access and Entry Control Systems Integrate with IP Camera Surveillance Systems to Provide a Complete Security System

IP Door Access Control SystemsIP door readers can be integrated with IP video surveillance systems, or intercoms to create a total security system. The door control readers can also be used in many different applications.

Applications include elevator access control that determines the floors that can be reached according to the credential used. IP readers can also be used in parking lots to control a gate. These long-range access readers allow a credential to be over 25 ft. away from the reader.

Each Isonas IP reader attaches directly to the network and is powered using PoE. This modular IP based door control system allows you to add one door at a time. The expensive control panel is no longer required! The ISONAS IP Door Access Controller and Reader includes all the functionality that used to be in the control panel. Now it’s all in one unit. With intelligence built into each and every unit, it operates even if your network is down.

This IP-based door access system integrates with your IP camera surveillance system to provide a complete security system.  Select the convergence database software that displays door entry information with the video captured when the door reader is used. Intercoms can be integrated with video management software to provide manual entry for visitors and deliveries.

Features of Door Access Control

Network attached Door Access Control Systems

  • No Control Panels Required
  • IP Door Readers are powered using PoE
  • The readers provide 12 VDC power for the electric lock
  • Wide selection of credentials and cards
  • Integrates with IP Camera security systems
  • Pure Access Cloud or Pure Access Manager Software Required
  • Works with IP intercoms to allow remote control of doors to allow entry of visitors

IP Door Readers for Access Control

Proximity Readers | Fingerprint and Other Biometric Readers | Long Range Access Readers

rc-04_family of IP door readersProximity IP Readers

ISONAS IP door readers are both an RFID reader and a controller. No control box is required since all the intelligence is in the IP reader.

The IP reader connects directly to the Ethernet network and is powered by PoE. IP door readers have the advantage of being very easy to install.

Since the reader converts the PoE power to 12 VDC, you can power locks without running additional power wires. All you need is the CAT 5 drop to the reader.  The latest RC04 readers are available in a number of different styles and capability. You can select models that mount on the side of the door frame (mullion) or on the wall.  The latest models provide the option to use your smartphone (Bluetooth) as the credential.

The readers have all the intelligence built in so even if the network is down the reader keeps working. Of course, it’s best to use a UPS on the network switch or the midspan that’s providing the PoE. Learn more

Access Control Software

Select software that supports the Isonas IP door readers, or alternative software that supports the professional and Biometric readers.

Isonas Door Reader Software | Biometric Door Reader Software

Isonas Software Solutions

Pure Access Manager

Pure Access Cloud software: Uses a remote cloud server,

Pure Access Manager software: runs on your Windows computer. Pure Access Manager is on-premise software.  This is the classic model of providing a perpetual license that allows you to run the software on your own Windows computer.

Cloud software runs on a remote server and is provided under a monthly or yearly subscription plan.  Both solutions provide similar capability.  Take a look at our article, Cloud Versus On-Site License to help you determine which platform is best for you. Or, contact us for help selecting the right solution for your door access control application.

Alternative access control software is also available for the Isonas readers.

Biometric IP Reader Software Solutions

This software manages biometric door readers. It is used for entering the biometric credential credentials as well as RFID credentials that can also be used with these door readers.


The Professional software supports all the Pro-series biometric IP readers and the Pro-series Proximity Readers.  This management software is licensed per reader. There is no yearly subscription cost.

Isonas Door Reader Management Software

The Isonas door management software is available as a cloud subscription or as an on-site license.

Pure Access Manager

Pure Access Manager is on-premises software that controls all your ISONAS door readers.  The software manages and controls all the door access readers and is controlled by your authorized security personnel.

Once you have customized your desired access control, the software sends all the information to all the IP readers. The reader stores and processes all the commands. This means that even if the network goes down, the readers have all the information necessary to continue to operate.

Pure Access Manager supports an unlimited number of doors and cardholders. This is a full-featured Access Control software system. It provides fine-detailed level control of all access security-related issues. Reports are available for all system activity, as well as real-time reporting on who is currently in the facility. The software manages and controls all the door access readers and is controlled by your authorized security personnel. Pure Access is Isonas’ official replacement to EasyWeb and DBCrystal.
Learn more …

Pure Access Cloud for Your IP Door Access System

IP Door Cloud ControlIP door access control platform is available in the cloud. Pure Access Cloud is a hosted service that provides full installation, administration, and management of your ISONAS access control hardware.

With this remote server control, you can manage an unlimited number of door access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser.

This web-based interface is easy to use and makes it easy to distribute the enrollment and management function to many different people and locations.

Learn more …

Legacy Software

DB Crystal Matrix Software™ has been discontinued and replaced by the Isonas Pure Access Manager. This software platform ran on your Windows PC and provided easy enrollment, allowing you to define who, where and when people are allowed in. It used the SQL data structure making it very easy to integrate with video recording systems.

EasyWeb-2015 has also been discontinued and replaced by Pure Access.  Contact us for details. Pure Access provides some enhancements that were not available in EasyWeb and provides similar functions to DB Crystal. The software is browser-based and enhances your access control system.  It works with the latest readers.  Pure Access Manager includes Active Directory integration to make it easier to register user rights. See the ISONAS end of life statement or contact us for more details.

Cobalt: 3rd party software is available that is similar to EasyWeb-2015. Cobalt provides many of the functions that were available before, including pass-back control and scripts.

Proximity and Smart Card Door Credentials for Door Access

Door Access Credentials
You can select two different technologies, Prox-card or Smart-Card type. The Prox-card technology uses 125 KHz frequency between the credential and the reader, while Smart-cards use 13.56 MHz frequency.  The smart cards provide additional levels of security.  The credentials come in various form factors.  Select the style you need: thin cards that fit in your wallet, clamshell style that you can wear on a lanyard, Key Fobs for your keychain or Cap Tags that can attach to other things.

Select ISONAS, HID, Mifare, iClass format or Smart Card proximity credentials, or when you don’t want to use credentials select the Bluetooth reader option.

Example of credentials available:

  • ISOProx II
  • Proxcard II
  • DuoProx II
  • iCLASS Prox
  • Smart DuoProx II
  • Proxkey II
  • Proximity and MiFare
  • DuoProx
  • MicroProx
  • PhotoProx
  • Smart Cards

Advanced Door Access System Solutions

These Bluetooth Readers Use Your Smartphone as the Credential

All the Isonas IP readers include Bluetooth that allows you to use your Smartphone instead of credentials.  You can unlock a door, open a gate or even turn on lights using the IP reader.

Using your smartphone and an app, you can unlock your door.


Remote Door Access Control Using an Intercom and IP Camera

Door Access Control Systems
If you have a door that’s used by authorized people but can also have visitors, you can use our intercoms and IP camera systems to control the door. You can manually control entry from your computer.

For example, the intercom system notifies you with an audible alert, the video pops into a video window on your desktop so you can talk to the person at the door and then let them in.

There are a number of different intercom solutions depending on your exact requirements. More


Long Range Access Control

Special long-range door access readers are used to open a gate from your car.  They have a range of over 25 ft. Learn more …

Elevator Access Control

A special elevator access control unit is used to determine the floors that can be reached based on the door access control credential.  Learn more…

Integration of Access Control and Fire Alarms

The door access control reader and the electric lock can be wired to the fire alarm in a number of different ways. We can use a relay to drop power to the electric lock, or use an IP device that drops power using the network connection, or add a power control box that drops power when the fire alarm system detects a fire. We can also use door access control software.  Our article, “Access Control and Fire Alarm System Integration“, describes how this is accomplished.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Adding metal detectors at the doors increase safety and security at your school, business or special events.  These detectors assure that weapons don’t come into the building.

Resources for Door Access

Technical Articles | Newsletter | Whitepapers | Blog | Videos

The following resources can be used to help you understand the technology. Contact us for help with your system. Our engineers will make sure you get the exact system you need.

Technical and Application Articles

Door Access Control – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
How does door access control work, what is the most secure access control system, and why do I need door access control management software are some of the questions and answers provided.

How Door Access Control Works
The RFID door readers use credentials that have embedded circuits and an antenna. The reader broadcasts a signal that is received by the credential antenna. The broadcasted electrical signal contains enough power to energize the circuit in the credential. This article describes how the technology works.

How to Increase Security in Apartment Buildings
Network attached security devices can provide walls of defense that increase safety in apartment buildings. Door access control is one of the first lines of defense.

Automated Emergency Notification and Response
When seconds count, a single-button alert system is essential for your organization’s safety. Whether you need to establish a lockdown or let everyone know about a fire, the rapid notification capability is important.

Comparison of Security Provided by Door Access Systems
This article summarizes the various levels of electronic security provided by different door control systems. Level 1 provides the least overall security while level 4 provides the highest level of protection. We compared the cost to the effectiveness of each type of system.

How to Integrate Access Control and Fire Alarm Systems
When the fire alarm goes off, it’s important to make sure that the doors are all unlocked. This article describes how access control and fire alarm systems can be integrated. It also describes how to assure people can escape when the building doesn’t have a fire alarm system.

How Long Range Access Control Readers Work
Long range access control systems are primarily used to open a gate as you go into a parking area. This article describes how the long-range readers work.

Elevator Control Using Door Access Readers
Door access readers can be used to determine what floors a person can reach depending on their credential authorization.  This article describes how we use access control readers along with a special relay control box and software to increase security in a high-rise building.

Comparison of Multimode Biometric Door Readers
Which door reader is best for your application.  Take a look at this buyers guide.  It provides the pros and cons of each type of reader.  It includes a comparison of RFID readers, fingerprint, finger vein, facial recognition, and multimodal readers that read more than one physiological characteristic.

Security Provided be Access Control Systems
What can we do to increase our security? By integrating different security systems we increase our safety. IP door access prevents unauthorized access to our buildings, walk-through metal detectors prevent people from bringing in weapons and using campus-wide paging systems we keep everyone informed of any emergency. This article describes when and how to use these technologies.

Cloud Versus On-Site Door Access Software
Recently Door Access Control software has become available in the cloud.  What exactly does this mean and what is better for you?  The article compares on-premise software to a cloud platform and provides pros and cons that can help you decide what is best.

How to Install an IP Door Control System
A review of access control technology and how the IP door access systems can be integrated with IP camera systems.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?
Biometric door access control is a more secure method of controlling access. Facial recognition uses a number of algorithms to identify a face.

How does Fingerprint Readers Work?
Fingerprint readers detect the features of a person’s fingerprint and create a digital code that is used as a unique digital template.

Door Access Control Review
This article compares the older door access technology that uses control panels and the latest IP door access intelligent readers. The article compares the total cost of implementation.

How Network Attached IP Paging and Intercoms can Increase Safety
How Intercoms and IP paging systems can improve your safety.  Everything you wanted to know about how to add an intercom that can control a door from a remote location.

How to Integrate Door Control With Other IP Systems
Door access control systems have become much more sophisticated, and easier to integrate with other security systems. These new IP door readers integrate with IP video systems, and IP intercoms, providing a much more secure environment.

Biometric Door Control Misconceptions
There are many misconceptions about science and technology. One of the misconceptions is that biometric IP door readers store a picture of your fingerprint or face. Instead of storing a picture of our actual fingerprint or face, the biometric readers captures only a small subset of data and then convert these minutiae points to encrypted binary data.


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