Batko Insulated Housing or Enclosure for IP Cameras

This design has been tested since 1987 in severe Canadian subzero outdoor conditions, this rustproof, tamperproof, weatherproof, all aluminum, mineral fiber board insulated housing doesn’t need a heater (nor a blower) to keep the camera in good working order.

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Camera Enclosures for Special Applications

The special stainless steel enclosures provide protection in the harshest environments. The enclosures protect cameras from the very high temperature of blast furnaces or rocket launches.  The special explosion-proof enclosures allow you to use IP cameras in areas with risk of explosion, such as refineries, gas pipelines, oil tankers, offshore platforms, industrial processes, chemical industries, etc.

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Videolarm Camera Housings and Enclosures

Videolarm has been the leading innovator in the CCTV industry for more than a quarter century. It all began with the introduction of the world’s first outdoor dome and has continued with a host of cameras, housings, accessories, and more. Now these excellent environmental enclosures are available from Kintronics.

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Videolarm Outdoor Enclosures

A wide variety of outdoor housings are available including: Enclosures designed to meet IP65 standard, Bullet resistant housingst, Pressurized housings, Optional sunshield, Heater and blowers for all environments.

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Videolarm Vandal-Resistant Enclosures

Vandal-resistant housings protect your cameras from damage.

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