Medical Picture Imaging System

PACServer Medical Picture Archiving and Communications System

Storage for Medical Applications

Sorry, we no longer sell this PACS Appliance

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The following information is provided as a reference:

Radiology units using SntryPACS could set up multiple user-friendly viewing stations. Every user sitting at his private workstation had extensive viewing and processing tools at their disposal. This means, depending on the access rights assigned to the users through SntryPACS, images could be viewed by every consultant in the hospital.

It included the following features:

  • PACServer is an Archive Appliance for Medical Images
  • Optional Archive to Optical Blu-ray media
  • Provides easy hospital-wide viewing
  • Compatible with most DICOM viewers and leading 3D volume rendering workstations
  • Installs in minutes in the existing network
  • Integrated support for optical archive systems for long term archiving
  • Embedded PACS Software
  • Includes Modality Work List
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS)
  • Integrates with third-party Modality Work Lists
  • Web-based admin GUI
  • Helps to meet HIPAA
  • Reliability enhanced by redundant, hot-swap disks, power supplies & fans.

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