CD Duplicator Realtime Recorder

We no longer sell these products.   

Realtime live audio recording to CDR discs used special computers and CD-recording drives to provide real-time recording directly to the CD.  Please take a look at the other products we have available.

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:


The CD recording system used to be able to record up to 6 discs in one rack. By adding additional racks, you could burn many discs at one time. It was very easy to record your sermons or other live events.

Live record

We also provide PA system to go with this recorder. Please take a look at our selection of PA systems.

Example system:

5500 DVD CD Live Duplicator

The 5500 Live CD duplication system could be easily expanded to add additional capacity. The Live Event CD realtime Recorder system was a fully automated production system. You could start with 4 or 6 drive master system and easily expand with 6 drive slave units.  It allowed you to grow your production anywhere from 4 to 60 drives by adding a 5506 copy module slave.

Configuration Options:

4 or 6 drive configurations

Expandable 6 drive rack mount slave units

2nd and 3rd year extended warranties available.

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