CD and DVD Tower Duplicators

Network Attached and Standalone Duplication Systems are no longer available.  We used to sell CD/DVD systems, but today we focus on network attached security systems.  Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

cd-duplicator-towerThere were two models to select from.  Select the Value Line or Professional Duplication Tower that’s right for you. The Value Line were standalone 7-Drive duplicators while the Professional duplicators were network attached and expandable.  Here’s more about what was offered.

Value Line System

Easy to use CD Recorder and DVD Duplication systems that utilizes superior technology and have a compact footprint. They are available in multiple configurations. You can select towers with built-in hard drives that allow you to duplicate any of the Disc masters stored in the hard drive. Take a look at the models available.

Advanced features of the 5907 VL include:

Simplicity Standalone CD / DVD Towers, equipped with 7 NEC 16X DVD+/-RW Drives. CD 48X.
Capacity Fill 80 GB HHD with multiple master images with alpha-numeric files via touchpad.
High-End Quality No cool-off period like other “economy” towers. Set password for restricted access.
Self-Diagnostics 5907 VL performs self test diagnostics upon boot-up to insure component performance.
Ergonomic LCD display and touchpad positioned for easy viewing and access of control panel during operation.
Feature Rich Copy, Test, Verify, Compare functions. Audio compilation feature and supports CD Text.
Media Format Support Supports DVD+R / RW, DVD-R / RW and DVD+DL DVD blank media formats as well as CD-R and CD-RW


The MF Digital 5907 VL CD DVD Towers is where price meets performance for CD DVD Towers. The Standalone Tower System does not require a PC and functions via an easy-to-use touch-pad and digital LCD display interface.

Professional Duplicator System

These expandable towers are network attached and can grow to 60 drives. MF DIGITAL’s exclusive new License Free (Command Module Client) CD copier software lets you link together multiple 6 bay CD or DVD copier towers that can be operated through a central station Windows XP client; not possible on commodity DVD Towers. Through the wizadry of Microsoft Windows XP, our CD DVD copier module magically allow you to maintain online image storage of thousands of images, each categorized and archived.

Advanced features of Individual 5906 Modular DVD CD Copier:

Unlimited Storage Limitless data image storage on local hard drive and/or network attached storage
Powered by WinXP Unlike ordinary CD towers, user can always upgrade system
Network Ready License free XP client software allows for remote access, job submission and job tracking
Expandable Command module client (included) allows for tower expansion, control all units from single access point
Live Event Recording Record live events directly to hard disk, edit at station for immediate duplication for on-site production
Video Feed Ethernet connect with Pioneer PRV-LX1 to accept video for stream-line DVD production
Simple Simple one-touch keypad, MP3 to Wav conversion, audio track extraction for audio compilations


Best of all the 5906 Modular Series CD / DVD copier systems offer vertical applications commodity DVD Towers cannot. Take a look at the models available.

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