Live Recording to CD Disc

We used to sell the 5500 Live system, but sorry we don’t offer this any longer.  Today this capability is provided by software applications.

Record all Your Real-time Audio Events

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For your information, the system offered the ability to expand your audio CD duplicators. The Live Event Recorder system becomes a fully automated production system. Start with 4 or 6 drive master system and easily expand with 6 drive slave units. Growing your production anywhere from 4 to 60 drives is as simple as adding a 5506 copy module slave.

5500 DVD CD Live Duplicator Configuration Options:

  • 4 or 6 drive configurations
  • Expandable 6 drive rack mount slave units
  • 2nd and 3rd year extended warranties available.

The 5500 Live Series Audio CD Copiers paired with our frame accurate drive technology quality are the perfect solution for live event CD Audio recording and production.


Record Directly to SystemRecord directly from mixer, console or any analog / digital source.
Record Hours of AudioRecord over 50 hours of audio CD quality directly to system. Duplicate at any time.
Edit Track MarkersInsert and remove Start IDs (track makers) with ease. Include pre-recorded intro’s or exit messages.
Span to Multiple DiscsChoose a logical break point to create a multi-disc recording. Don’t limit yourself to 74 or 80 minutes discs.
Expand SystemStart with Master 4 or 6 drive system. Increase production with 6 drive expansion units.
SimplicityKVM System with PC built inside. Simply connect Keyboard, Video and Mouse and record LIVE!
Verify Audio CapabilityThe Live Series uses our exclusive “frame accurate” technology to insure you get the best in every copy.
Advanced EditingInsert ISRC codes (for radio) and sub-index points (mark within track) through our simple audio edit interface.


Model 5504, Live 5506, Live 5506 Add On
Number of Drives 4,  6,  6 per unit
Standalone Yes
Multiple Masters To Hard Drive
Auto Loading System No
Windows XP Network Client Yes
80mm & Biz Card Compatible Yes
Software Yes
Power Consumption 150 Watts
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17” x 22.3” x 7”  per unit
Weight (lbs / kg) 48lbs / 22kg per unit

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