Network Attached CD DVD Duplication Equipment

Scribe SA CD and DVD Duplication System


The Scribe CD and DVD Duplicator provided an automated systems for duplicating discs. Unfortunately, we no longer carry these CD and DVD duplication systems.

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The following information is provided as a reference:

This was an easy to use duplication system with 10 Keypad panel.  When you need a simple yet powerful duplication system, the Scribe SA was the right choice. It was as easy to use as a photocopier.  No PC is required.

Select 250 to 600 disc models with choice of 2 to 6 DVD writers and printers.

You could configure it to meet your exact CD duplicator equipment production needs. Its 600-disc maximum duplicator spindle capacity translates to hours of unattended equipment operation!


  • One-button intuitive menu system means CD / DVD duplicator standalone systems that are as easy to operate as a photocopier
  • Supports inkjet or thermal DVD CD printers. (Excluding 6 burner model)
  • 250 to 600 disc spindle capacity (depends on printer selection)
  • Features Relay Mode — can copy multiple DVD Duplicator and CD Duplicator images from multiple masters and change print images without user intervention. Also features mixed CD/DVD operation.
  • Provides Asynchronous DVD Duplicator operations on your DVD / CD Duplicator / Printer — each drive burns and prints independently of each other.
  • Intelligent Spindle Select Now Available — Scribe SA selects CD or DVD media based on image submitted! • Affordable consumable pricing – ink cartridges and ribbon


Type of system  
3102 SA2 DVD-Writers250 disc capacity
3104 SA4 DVD-Writers450 or 600 disc capacity (depends on printer)
3106 SA6 DVD-Writers600 disc capacity
PJ-6000InkjetPicoJet 4800dpi, 6 color printer
CDPR13SThermal600dpi Tri-color and monochrome printer


Type of system  
Models3102 SA3104 SA3106 SA
Capacity250 discs450 discs with inkjet printer, 600 with thermal printer600 discs
Number of Drives246
Dimensions20″ x 18″ x 15″22″ x 20″ x 20″22″ x 2″0 x 24″
Weight (without printer)31lbs (15KG)53lbs (25KG)57lbs (26KG)
Printer optionInkjet or ThermalInkjet or ThermalNot Available

Common specifications:

  • Standalone operation requiring no PC
  • Network Attached
  • Power consumption: 200 – 248 watts
  • Business card type CD capability
  • Stores multiple masters to hard drive
  • Includes client software for network applications

Supported formats: DVD-Video (unprotected), ISO / UDO bridge, CD-ROM mode 1, CD Enhanced / Extra, mixed modes. Photo-CD, Video-CD, CD-! (Form 1 & 2), ISO-9660, Joliet, Romeo, Rockridge / UFS, CD-DA (CD Digital Audio) with ISRC Subindex & UPC code support, Hybrid

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