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On-Net Surveillance System

Prosight SMB, NETDVR, and NetDVMS have been replaced by Ocularis software products. The latest Ocularis 5.0 provides even more powerful features that allow you to create a complete IP camera security system.

If you currently have the older version of the software, you can upgrade to the latest software.  On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI) provides a range of NVR or IP software solutions that support IP cameras, camera servers and IP network storage.  The solutions range from small scale systems to very large enterprise-class solutions.   All these software products include the ability to view cameras not only at a central video server but also at other workstations on the network or over the Internet. They all run as an application or a service and support computers with multiprocessors.

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The following chart describes the old NVR software solutions that were available. It is provided for reference only and provides a comparison to the new software available.

The Discontinued NVR Software Lineup Specifications

  • ProSight SMB and Ocularis PS are both replaced by Ocularis 5 Pro
  • NetDVR, Ocularis IS, or CS is replaced by Ocularis 5 Enterprise
  • NetDVM. Ocularis LS, or ES is replaced by Ocularis 5 Ultimate

Please see our upgrade path is defined in the Upgrade Chart.

On-Net Surveillance System