NUUO Video Management Software

NVR Software for IP Cameras


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nuuo VMS

NUUO is a Windows-based Video Management Software application that controls and stores the video from IP networked Cameras and Video Encoders, delivering full color still and motion images to any standard PC computer. The software is used with network-attached IP cameras and standard computer storage to create a powerful yet easy-to-use surveillance system.

NUUO also provides complete NVR systems that include both the software and computer in one complete package. The Servers can be located on an Intranet, Internet, or any networking protocol that supports TCP/IP. The software controls Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras and can record images from any sites at any interval, including triggered events from sensor detection and video motion detection detected by the camera. All recorded images are stored in a tree structure based on Server name, Camera name, and Date / Time stamp. Extremely low network utilization enables a complete system to operate on a common network carrying normal business traffic.

NUUO is licensed according to the number of cameras you have 4, 8, 12, 16, 32 and 64 cameras. The license is controlled by USB dongle. Upgrades require additional USB ports.


  • Low-Cost solution for home and small business.
  • Scalable for up to 64 cameras.
  • Dual monitor support for viewing live video and playback simultaneously.
  • Includes intelligent motion detection, missing object, foreign object, loss of focus and camera occlusion
  • Remote access from windows application or browser.
  • Printing and image/video export for evidence requirements
  • Cameral based video motion detection.
  • Recording can be scheduled based on time-of-day and, day-of-week
  • Easy setup and control of all the cameras.
  • Admin password for settings changes
  • Web-based viewer applet for remote viewing of archives
  • View / Record at up to 30 FPS