PoINT Storage Manager

Jukebox Connectivity Software From Kintronics

The universal storage management solution optimizes your storage infrastructure

PoINT software provides a complete storage manager for your optical library. Besides providing easy archiving and retrieval of data it adds powerful storage management functions that make it easy to assure that your information is secure and easy to retrieve.

Summary and Highlights


Multi-Tier Storage Architecture (Tiered Storage / HSM)

PoINT Storage Manager supports Multi Tier Storage Architecture and migrates data to an appropriate storage tier depending on its status. A tiered storage concept combines the advantages of different storage technologies (hard disk, tape and optical) into an optimal storage mix.

There are 3 different Tiers:

  • Tier 1 = Performance Tier (storage with highest performance like NetApp FAS Systems)
  • Tier 2 = Capacity Tier (cost-optimized storage systems like SATA RAID)
  • This tier is typically used to migrate data from Tier 1 which becomes less active.
Storage Tier
Storage Tier
  • Tier 3 = Archive Tier (implements the storage layer for long‐term archiving, e.g. realized by optical or tape Data stored in this tier is controlled by retention management and can only be altered or deleted under specific conditions, e.g. not before the corresponding retention period has elapsed.

Transparent Migration with PoINT NetApp FAS Agent

Archiving Data Migration
Archiving Data Migration

The PoINT NetApp FAS Agent of PoINT Storage Manager performs a transparent migration of files according to configurable rules. Thereby, files migrated from the NetApp FAS systems are replaced by so called “Stubs” (references) and stored safely by PoINT Storage Manager on second level storage, e.g. a Blu-ray Disc (BD) jukebox. This concept especially fulfils the “single path” requirement, so that no changes in the applications are necessary.

PoINT Jukebox Manager offers transparent drive letter access to jukeboxes in a networked environment. Seamless integration into the Windows NT/2000 operating system kernel ensures support for all Windows NT/2000 supported network clients. Windows NT/2000 enhanced security and permission control is also active in the shared jukebox file system.

CD and DVD recording is integrated to fulfill all archiving, mastering and duplication requirements. The automated recording feature (ECR) for CD-R simplifies the overall recording process dramatically. Due to its multi-threaded implementation PoINT Jukebox Manager allows multiple users to access the jukebox simultaneously and to record different data streams to different media in parallel.

Long Term Archiving

Long-Term Archiving

PoINT Storage Manager offers by PoINT TAFS or PoINT VFS a file system interface which meets compliance requirements by its flexible “write once” features (Compliant Archiving).

Thanks to the virtualization possibilities (File virtualization), storage technology and manufacturer can be chosen freely and regulatory requirements are fulfilled.


Migration and Storage Consolidation

FAS Agent of PoINT Storage Managers

Data migration is an integral part of PoINT Storage Manager. The PoINT VFS integrates obsolete systems (e.g. MO/WORM jukeboxes) and new systems into a consolidated storage solution (storage consolidation).


PoiNT Storage Manger

FAS Agent of PoINT Storage Managers

PoINT Storage Manager is a “software only” solution for Windows Server 2003/2008. Fail-safe requirements are realized by the clustering function of the product.

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