TruViewLPR License Plate Recognition Software

License Plate Recognition Software From Kintronics

Our License Plate Recognition Software (LPR-Software) provides consistent and reliable automated license plate recognition (APLR) results over a wide range of vehicle speeds and lighting conditions. It works in even the most challenging weather conditions. Additional web-based server software is available to centralize the management and control of multiple LPR units. There is a choice of LPR systems depending on the application,

LPR Web Server Software

Key Features of LPR-Software

  • A wide range of license plate accepted. It can be configured to read plates from most any locale in the world.
  • Provides accurate ALPR results in real-time, typically 250msec or less
  • Operates with hardware or software triggers or automatically determines license plate presence using Virtual Vehicle Detection (VVD)
  • Open system architecture plus a wide range of communication protocols simplifies integration with existing back office or access control applications

This real-time software technology comprises a proprietary set of algorithms developed over the course of many years with the sole purpose of reading a license plate. The LPR software runs automatically eliminating the requirement of any action by the user. This is just one reason it is the best choice for standalone solutions such as access control, parking revenue management, open road tolling, surveillance and a host of other applications. An open architecture allows it to be tailored to work with existing back-office programs or most any application needs.

Software Details – Software is included with all NVR Digital Processing Units.

LPR Modules
Event Handler Image handling and ALPR processing
Device Manager Configuration tool
Sav-Pic-Pro Camera set-up tool
Data Editor Easy to use User Interface for editing vehicle information
Data Viewer Easy to use User Interface for viewing the central journal
Image Processing
Processing rate User configurable – up to 60 images per second
Processing speed Less than 250 msec from image capture to ALPR result/3″
Pre and post image User configurable buffer size of up to 20 images.
Camera Configuration
Number of APLR per lane 1
Number of Overview cameras per lane Up to 2 cameras
Type TCP/IP (megapixel) – Overview
Image Capture
External Trigger Source TCP/IP
Internal Trigger Source Virtual Vehicle Detection
Communication Protocols
TCP/IP – fixed field SOP protocol NC
TCP/IP – tagged field ZAP XML protocol
Journaling (Data Recording)
Database MS Access
Local Journal Stores on DPU
Central Journal User configurable – store on central location.
Data stored ALPR result, confidence, date, time, unique event ID, lane identifiers, camera identifier, vehicle information (if configured).
Central Journal User configurable – store on central location.
Monitoring Tools
ZEB Monitor Live view of video streams and rreal-timeALPR results
Journal Monitor View of ALPR event data and associated images; updated on each event
Protocol Monitors Live view of sent/received messages for communication protocols
UIC Monitor Status monitor for relay activity
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