Network Attached Storage

Sorry, these products have been discontinued.

Our product line changes as new technology become available. Kintronics provides the latest technology that can improve your safety and security. Please take a look at the other network-attached security systems we have available. These include IP camera systemsdoor access control systems, and network-attached paging systems.

Network-Attached Storage Has Been Discontinued

The following information is for reference only:

Kintronics builds Network Attached Storage – NAS systems that use high performance thin servers. We build expandable systems to your requirements. Take a look at some of the sample configurations.

NAS systems
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server provides the easiest way to attach scaleable hard drive storage to your network. You can add up to 2,000 GB without disturbing your network or file servers. The Network Attached Storage server is ideal for local databases, backup of workstation data and is very economical. NAS provides equal access to the storage devices from workstations and servers.

The network-attached storage server is a totally integrated network appliance with the hard disks and modular thin server built into a small tower or rack enclosure. It’s available with a choice of SATA hard drives. This fast, powerful Thin Server system allows for quick and safe installation, without impacting the network server. This high-performance appliance runs independently, therefore it will function even if the network server is ‘down” and provides excellent service to all the users. Choose from many different capacities, and models with built-in RAID controllers.

Complete Network Support: The NAS Server comes network-ready and connects to your Ethernet hub. It’s truly plug-and-play. The Server networks and manages hard disks on Windows, Apple and UNIX networks concurrently. It simultaneously supports multiple protocols. TheNAS8200 systems come with dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and the NAS 8100 systems have optional Gb Ethernet interfaces to the network.

RAID Data Protection: The NAS Server supports RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring) and RAID 5. The NAS systems supports hot-swap SATA drives.

Tape Backup Support: All the NAS systems support built-in tape backup.

Easy, Seamless Sharing: The NAS Server operates with unmatched simplicity right out of the carton. The server appears in the network neighborhood and can be mapped to a single drive letter. This is an independent network appliance, its operation neither affects nor is impacted by the network file server. The NAS Server appears as a server on your network and can be accessed as such. Hundreds of users can simultaneously access the hard drives with unmatched ease and simplicity.

Easy to Install and Manage: Installation is very easy. Just plug in the Ethernet cable, plug in the power cable and turn on the unit. There’s no software to load. A quick installation wizard and a Web Browser are used to configure the NAS Server. It allows you to set up security by individual and group. Your server is never out of date – you can download the latest firmware as it becomes available.

Built to Your Requirements: We will configure a system to your requirements. Select – capacity, tower or rack cabinet, SATA drives, RAID or just plain drives, hot-swap drives, hot-swap power.

Great for storing video from IP Cameras: These storage systems work with our IP Video NVR Software. It provides reliable storage for the video recorded from IP Cameras.

  • Very high Performance- up to 230 Mbps throughput
  • The dual redundant Gigabit Ethernet interface ports with failover and load balance feature to offer the uninterrupted and robust access
  • RAID 0, 1 or 5
  • Hot-swap SATA hard drives
  • Add capacity on demand
  • Can archive data to CD-R or DVD-R discs
  • Global RAID hot-spare hard drives for all RAID groups
  • Hot-expansion for RAID 5 online storage expansion
  • Tape Backup Option
  • Advanced remote data synchronization, backup, and distribution with other NA8200 Storage
  • Windows 2000/2003, Novell (not NDS compliant), Apple, UNIX network
  • Archive to CD/DVD media (optional)
  • Antivirus support
  • Tower or Rack Cabinet
  • Optimized for high-performance NAStorage™ 8420R provides the unprecedented throughput for file-serving, making it more cost-effective than general-purpose servers.
  • SmartExtend* The main goal of SmartExtend is to manage storage resources for multiple NAStorage units in the network as a single IP Storage network. That’s mean better resource utilization, ease of storage management and simpler expansion of storage infrastructure.
  • SmartSync
    Enable fast data replication and NAS-to-NAS backup by employing differential block transfer to speed up the process. All the backups are kept online for easy data restoration.
  • Enterprise-class antivirus protection
    High-performance real-time virus scanning protection with automatic virus pattern updates from Trend Micro ensuring data integrity for the NAStorage™ 8420R.
  • Snapshot*
    NAStorage™ 8420R supports snapshot function which creates a read-only copy (in a flash of a second) of the contents of a NAS Server at a particular point in time. User can easily restore previous versions of files or folders without having to contact a system administrator.
  • NDMP
    NAStorage™ 8420R supports Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) which is an open standard protocol for enterprise-wide backup of heterogeneous network-attached storage.

Optional features – requires purchase of a license

NAS Server Models

These are some sample configurations. We configure a unit exactly to your requirements –

Select: capacity(80GB to over 3 TB), tower or rack cabinet, SATA drives, RAID or just plain drives (JBOD), hot-swap drives, hot-swap power. Some of these models are available with built-in tape drives or DVD-R for data archiving. The NAS82 models provide up to 130 Mbps data throughput. The NAS82 models provide up to 250 Mbps throughput.

Model Numbers Type of System Type of Hard Drives Number of Drives Total Useable HD Capacity (RAID5)
NASDV42-4080T RAID tower, dual 10/100 80 GB SATA with DVR 1 80 GB
NASDV42-0240T RAID tower, dual 10/100 80 GB SATA with DVR 3 160 GB
NAS82-4U320R Hot-swap RAID 4U rack, dual 10/100 and 1 Gbit interface 80 GB hot-swap SATA 4 240 GB
NAS82-4U0480IR Hot-swap RAID 4U rack, Dual Gb network interface 160 GB hot-swap SATA 3 320 GB
NAS42-1U0600IR RAID1U rack, dual 10/100/1000 200 GB SATA 3 400 GB
NAS82P-4U0800IR Hot-swap RAID 4U rack, dual 10/100/1000 network interface with PentiumIII 160 GB hot-swap SATA 5 640 GB
NAS82P-4U1400IR RAID tower, dual 10/100/1000 network interface with PentiumIII 200 GB SATA 4 1200 GB
NASDV8420-4U3200IR Hot-swap RAID 4U rack, DVR drive, dual 10/10/0000 Pentium IV 400 GB hot-swap SATA 8 2,800 GB
NAS8420-4U4000IR Hot-swap RAID 4U rack, dual 10/10/0000 Pentium IV 500 GB hot-swap SATA 8 3,500 GB

*Prices and specs may change at any time. Contact us for more details and to place your order.

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