RAID Storage for IP Camera Systems


Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RAID is used to assure that your video is not lost if one hard drive fails.

Kintronics provides reliable RAID storage solutions that are part of the video servers used to record video from IP cameras.

They are configured to your exact requirements. All provide easy scalability, reliability, high availability storage.

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How it Works

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive or Independent Disks) is an important component for servers on a critical enterprise or workgroup network. It is used in many data storage systems to improve reliability. We also use RAID in Network Video Recorders.

RAID provides crash-proof hard drive systems. How does it work? How do I administer it? What does it cost? What is the difference between RAID levels and RAID vendors? RAID as a computer concept has been around for over twenty years. The computer science department at UC Berkeley first developed the RAID concept back in the 1980s. They used the word Inexpensive rather than today’s Independent. Since then, changes in technology and the use of computers have made RAID more popular. Computers and hard disk drives became faster, smaller, and less expensive. The computer has become a critical part of an organization’s business. More and more data is stored on internal disks of the computer and this information must be available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Data accessibility and reliability has become a key factor in the success of a business.

RAID is an option when using a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or your own Windows computer and Video Management Software (VMS).

If the NVR does not include RAID you can use a Windows computer that is running VMS software. This provides the most flexibility. It’s more complicated but we provide the consulting service to make it easy.

Our Network Video Recorder page describes all your options.

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