NetDVMS IP Software

NetDVMS from ONSSI has been replaced by Ocularis 5. It is full featured video management IP software solution that provides everything you need to create an enterprise wide video surveillance system.

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Software Solution

NetDVMS was a VMS system that allowed you to set up multiple video servers to control hundreds of cameras. With optional software, you can create display walls of video to control and view all the cameras, and set up multiple control sites to create a flexible and redundant surveillance system. You can even view cameras from a web browser or PDA. NetDVMS supports a wide variety of cameras using both MJPEG and MPEG4 compression. This is one of the most powerful suits of IP software available. Take a look at the excellent features available.NetDVMS can be enhanced with a variety of software options such as NetSwitcher, NetMatrix, NetCentral, and NetPDA. You can customize the system to meet your exact requirements.

NetDVMS Features

Number of Cameras SupportedUnlimited
License TypeMulti Servers Multi-Sites
Max Cameras per Server64
Remote Video Access Via: Web IE
Remote Video Access Via: Client
Remote Video Access Via: PDA
Remote Video Access Via: ClassSystem
Remote Video Access Via: ApplicationLive viewing and recording of up to 64 cameras per server. Unlimited number of cameras per system. Available in any number of cameras with increments of 1 camera.
Type of LicenseMulti-site (multi-server)
Max Number of CamerasUnlimited
Max Video recording capacity per cameraUnlimited
Video ArchivingUnlimited long-term storage
Recording w/Speed up on Motion
Audio RecordingMulti-Channel
PTZ Support (Manual)
PTZ Support (Preset Positions)
PTZ Support (Patrolling)
PTZ Support (Event Control)
Output Control
Input Control
Motion/Event AltertingE-Mail and SMS
Password Protection
HotSpot/Call Montior View: Main Monitor
HotSpot/Call Montior View: Separate Window/Monitor
HotSpot/Call Montior View: Carousel display function
Live Video Display: Number of simultaneous cameras64
Video Playback, concurrent multi-camera playback of stored video.16 cameras
Video Export FormatsJPEG, AVI MPEG-4, WAV and DataBase (authenticated)
Remote Access via Web (Microsoft ® Internet Explorer)Live, Playback, 4Cams live view (10sets), Premises Map, Individual User cameras profile
Remote Access via ClientLive, Playback, Multi 16 cameras views, Individual User cameras profile
PDA Support (NetPDA)
Integration with (optional): NetSwitcheroptional
Integration with (optional): NetMatrixIncluded in license
Integration with (optional): NetCentraloptional
Integration with (optional): NetTransactoptional
Integration with (optional): NetPOSoptional
Integration with (optional): NetGuardIncluded in license
Integration with (optional): NetPDAIncluded in license
Other Features: iPix Virtual PTZ Support
Other Features: Auto-Export of Playback Viewer to CD-ROM
Other Features: API Support
Other Features: DNS Names for cameras
Other Features: De-Interlacing of recorded video

Software Included with NetDVMS

NetMatrix: Displays video form camera that has received an alarm condition. Automatic video transmission is triggered when alarms or events take place on designated cameras. Users can be operating their computers as usual, but when an event on camera takes place live video is forced to display on the users PC. The video window will appear on top of any application the user is working with and can be re-sized as required. The user can then monitor and remain constantly aware of what is happening from any number of cameras..

NetGuard: NetGuard is the video display client for ONSSI’s NetDVR and NetDVMS – Digital Video Management System. Using the NetGuard client software, an operator, whether located on the same LAN or a remote location via low bandwidth connection, can view multiple live or playback videos and control multiple cameras from his or her PC.

NetPDA: Client software installed on any Windows CE PDA device. It provides access to live and archived video from NetDVMs server system. It allows control of PTZ cameras from the PDA screen. Software is licensed per PDA unit.

Optional Software to Enhance NetDVMS

NetSwitcher: NetSwitcher is a virtual video matrix switch designed for larger video surveillance systems. Allows you to create parallel or redundant control centers anywhere your network reaches. You can view and control local or remote cameras. You can switch any camera to any monitor from anywhere. Need to expand? Just add virtual Inputs and Outputs. Plan your solution according to your needs and not according to your matrix switch hardware limitations.

NetSwitcher uses active maps to help the operator select the right camera. You can drill down from a complete campus map to a layout of every single floor and department. With only a touch of your fingertip you can view a floor plan with camera locations and directions. You can also intuitively locate and select neighboring cameras. Following a person becomes simple and easy. Why did you have to waste time remembering hundreds of camera numbers all these years?

Software Solution

API Support: Contact us for details