Ocularis IS Software

Ocularis IS Video Management Software has been Replaced

Ocularis IS from OnSSI was video recording software that was designed for IP video surveillance and security systems with large numbers of IP cameras that are located at multiple sites. It had a centralized administrative capability that made it easy to manage all the cameras and users. It could also be integrated with IP door access control systems.  This has been replaced by Ocularis Enterprise. For more about Ocularis, look at the Ocularis Overview.

The recording and management software includes the ability to view cameras on multiple workstations on the network or over the Internet using Ocularis client software or using a web browser (with optional Ocularis X). The servers all run as an application or a service, and support computers with multiprocessors.

Ocularis Enterprise replaces this version.

Other Legacy Software: Ocularis PS | Ocularis CS | Ocularis LS | Ocularis ES

Features of Ocularis IS Video Recording and Management Software

Ocularis IS replaced the old NetDVR software. The software has some unique features when compared to the economical PS version of Ocularis.

Up to 64 cameras per server: The number of actual cameras supported by one server depends on the performance of the computer, the resolution of the cameras and the frame rate of the cameras.

Alerts: Allows easy control of alerts from each server making it easier to respond to emergencies.

Integration with Access Control Systems: IS can be integrated with access control systems in a number of ways depending on the access control system.

Here are the detailed feature set for Ocularis IS:

Feature SetIS
OverviewIS supports larger multiple locations and provides active monitoring, alert management and integration with access control, video analytics
Scalable to unlimited number of cameras
Supports Multi-site and multi-server configuration
Supports Remote (networked) recording and archiving
Support for MJPEG, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 as well as Onvif & PSIA standards
Per camera configuration of image, streaming, recording and archiving attributes
Camera auto -detection
Automated device registration
30 day grace period to add/replace devices
Device registration not required
Highly intuitive, touchscreen-optimized video client with multiple-screen support
Unlimited shared and private views (group displays of cameras from different sites)
Map-based navigation of camera views and 3rdparty assets
Interactive overlay controls for instant investigation during live monitoring
Support for privacy masks from camera, recorder and Ocularis Base
Interactive Local Video Wall
Multiple tools for forensic investigation including the Time Slicer™ tools-set and the Kinetic Motion Timeline
Centralized management of user rights, views and events
PTZ Presets / PTZ Patrolling50/Yes
Go to Preset on Event (recorder based events)
Active Directory support
Export evidence: annotated still image report, jpg set, annotated AVI
Export evidence: multiple-camera, password-protected and encrypted video database
Automatic (on-event) push-video alerting
Manual (peer-to-peer) push-video alerting
Integration with 3rd-party systems such as Access Control, Intrusion Detection, BMS andothers
Event Fusion – combining of events from multiple sources
Shared Event Handling among multiple users, with dynamically updated events list
Copy video into dedicated Case Maker database (Enhanced Bookmarking)
Single Recorder Software License for entire recording system
Simultaneous setup/configuration of cameras connected to multiple servers
Supports multicast of live views to Client
Automatic Failover for recording servers
Hot Standby Failover for recording servers
Virtualization support (Base and recorder)
Dual streaming from cameras – separate streams for recording and live viewing
Max number of camera streams connected to each physical/virtual recording server64
Maximum number of cameras per recorder using virtualizationUnlimited
Concurrent usersUnlimited

Hardware Required for Video Recording Software

What type of computer do you need to support the video management software? It depends on the number of cameras, resolution of the cameras, frame rate, type of compression, and the length of time you want to store the video.

As you can see it can get complicated so it’s best to contact us for assistance. Just to provide some idea of the computer resources needed, here is an example:

In most cases, you can use a Windows computer with

CPU: Intel® Core™ i6 or better (if running on a workstation) or Intel® Xeon®, (Dual Core or better recommended) and 8 GB of RAM.

Hard Drives: The size of the hard drives will depend on many factors including the length of time you want to hold the recorded video.

You will require more computer power when running LS and ES software versions.

To determine your computer requirements please contact us, so we can review all the variables that determine the capacity.

Resources for Video Recording Systems

The following resources can be used to help you understand the technology. Contact us for help with your system. Our engineers will make sure you get the exact system you need.

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