Exacq Network Video Recorders

Exacq Network Video Recorders

Video Recording from your IP cameras has never been easier. These network video recorders are easy to install and use. They have sophisticated features that make them a valuable part of your IP camera security system. You can select from low-cost basic systems to enterprise servers supporting thousands of cameras. The user interface can run on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer using the client software or a use a browser to view all your cameras and recorded video. You can even display your cameras on most mobile devices. You can control your cameras, view real-time, or recorded video no matter where you are.

Client View Screen

General Features

  • Very easy to install. It auto-detects the cameras
  • Very easy to use, featuring an excellent user interface.
  • Map displays allow you to visually select cameras
  • Access live and recorded video on local, remote and mobile devices
  • Continuous motion, timeline
  • Easy export of selected video for evidence
  • Many powerful features for finding the video you need and exporting for evidence
  • Continuous motion, time or alarm-based recording configurable per camera
  • Search recorded video with a timeline search or graphical thumbnail search, playback multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Easily control PTZ cameras
  • Export audio, video and pictures to be easily e-mailed or saved
  • View an instant replay of video from any camera with exacqReplay

NVR System Overview

There are many different models available. You can select the horsepower of the computer, the storage, and the Video Management Software (VMS) to create a system that meets your current and future needs. Remember that you must make sure that the cameras are supported by the system. This NVR system supports a very large range of manufacturers and models, but please check with us about compatibility. When you contact us we will review your requirements.

NVR System

For example:

  • How many cameras do you need? Have you planned for growth?
  • How much storage do you need? This depends on several factors:
  • What frame rate do you need?
  • How much motion do you expect?
  • Are the cameras going to be used during the day as well as at night?
  • What is the resolution of the cameras?
  • Do you need the added reliability of RAID storage?

Always remember to make sure you understand your objectives. This will assure that you get the system you expect.

Exacq Network Video Recorder Systems Specifications

ModelMax number of cameras per serverStorageOptionsCabinet
IPLC-2-16162 TBMax storage 3 TBDesk top
IPEL-6-24246 TBMax storage 8 TB, DVD drive on some modelsRack, Mini or Toaster
IPA2-8-64648 TBMax storage 12 TB, Up to 28 TB in larger (4U) rack units. DVD drive included on all models2U  Optional 4U, and desktop configurations.
IPZ2-16R-12812816 TB in RAIDMax storage 28 TB, Up to 72 TB in larger (4U) rack units. DVD drive included on all models2U  Optional 3U and 4U configurations.

Learn more about More NVR Systems

Contact us for assistance. Kintronics provides complete security solutions. You can contact us for help selecting an IP camera or a complete security system consisting of cameras, IP door access control systems, intercoms, and even emergency paging systems.