Archive to Optical Discs


Archiving systems now use Bluray Jukebox library systems instead of small appliances.

Please take a look at the optical jukebox libraries that can be used to archive all your data to Bluray discs.

Other systems to consider include Optical Jukebox Libraries | Archiving emails | IP Surveillance Systems | IP Intercoms and Paging Systems | Door Access Control

The following information is provided as a reference:

The archiving appliances took advantage of the same robotic mechanisms used in automatic duplicators.  With these systems, you could archive email data or general data to a stack of discs. This is a batch process where a set of blank discs are placed on a spindle and written one-at-a-time and placed on an output spindle. The discs are stored off-line and can be accessed by reading them back in using the same. The jukebox or Library systems are the only devices that provide easy on-line retrieval of the discs.

Most people can’t recover emails from even a year or two ago. Why? Because even if system backups are being performed, emails are often deleted from servers during routine tape rotations. Tape can also break, wear out and become demagnetized. But what happens when some of those emails or files are needed in a lawsuit? Or what if a regulatory agency asks for specific emails and you can’t produce them? The liabilities to an organization can be substantial.

Optical Libraries and Jukeboxes

Archiving is now the law of the land. Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations require archiving of your emails and other critical files. Archiving means that the information is placed on permanent media. Tape is not an archive media. Only Optical discs are considered to be archive media.

Select the system that’s right for your application. The Email Archiving Appliance makes it easy to archive Microsoft Data Exchange E-mails. The BaxterBAckup and ScribeBackup Achievers archive your general computer data to optical discs. If you also need fast retrieval of archived data, select from our optical libraries and jukeboxes. Take a look at the following comparison table.

Here are some of the models we had available:

E-mail Archiving Appliance archives to CD and DVD media. Creates an off-line set of discsSimple Data Backup Archiving Appliance archives to CD and DVD media. Creates off-line a set of discs.Medical Imaging PACS Appliance. Archives images and provides hospital-wide viewing
On-line data archiving using an Optical Jukebox with Hierarchical Data Archiving system and on-line random retrieval
Hierarchical Data archiving Appliance with a network-wide, filter-based archiving archives to DVD and CD media creates a set of off-line discs
DiscHub 100-disc Jukebox for writing and retrieving your data

Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right archiving system for your application.  We can be reached at 1-800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.