SDLT 320 Tape Drive


Sorry, these systems have been discontinued.  

We used to sell tape systems, but these are no longer available.

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For your reference, here is information about this product:


The SDLT 320 represented a major advance in capacity and performance. It offered the lowest cost per GB of any other storage solution on the market and, as part of the DLTtape product family, enjoyed the highest industry acceptance. The SDLT 320 was backward read compatible with DLTtape IV media and used the same Super DLTtape I cartridges as the SDLT 220, preserving your data storage investments. Specifically designed for the high duty-cycle requirements of high-end and automated environments, the SDLT 320 was the ultimate solution for today’s demanding backup needs.


  • Native capacity of 160 GB at 16 MB/s transfer rate
  • 2:1 Compression allows 320 GB at 32 MB/s
  • 250,000 hours MTBF at 100% tape motion
  • Fully backward read compatible with DLTtape IV cartridges and uses Super DLTtape I media
  • Advanced Metal Particle Media embeds the optical servo tracks onto the reverse side of the tape freeing up 100% of tape’s magnetic side for recording data
  • High efficiency PRML Channel creates more tracks on the tape
  • Laser Guided Magnetic Recording combines best of optical and magnetic technologies
  • Pivoting Optical Servo increases high duty cycle reliability
  • Magneto-Resistive Cluster Heads for the highest data density
  • Increased media capacity provides easier use and lower cost of ownership

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