Internet Web Caching Server Models

The Avantis ContentCache™ Internet Caching Appliance is no longer available.

Sorry, ContentCache is no longer available from Kintronics. We used to sell these servers, but today we focus on network-attached security systems. Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

Models available:





Concurrent Users (Typical):   Up to 200  |  Up to 200   |    Up to 500    |     Up to 500

Performance     300 Requests/sec | 300 Requests/sec  | 1000 Requests/sec | 1000 Requests/sec

Capacity:               200 GB |  200 GB  |  400 GB (dual discs)    |      400 GB (dual discs)

Disk Type         SATA

Network:         10/100/1000

Case:      Mini-Tower    |    2U Rack    |      Mini-Tower   |     2U Rack

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