Fusion-DNA Access Control Software

Interoperable Access Control Management Software

Fusion-DNA Access Control Management Software
Fusion-DNA Access Control Management Software

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Fusion-DNA is access control management software that supports many different access control hardware and security systems, making it an ideal choice for mixed hardware environments. This interoperability allows you to select access control hardware that matches your requirements.

Fusion-DNA connects with many leading security systems to create a comprehensive security solution, including video management, biometrics, audio communications, and many more. It is also an ideal way to upgrade an older IP access control system that doesn’t include the features provided by Fusion-DNA.

Fusion-DNA Management Software Description

The Fusion-DNA access control management software works with many hardware systems. You can select from a wide variety of access control hardware, from door readers to controllers. This flexibility allows you to pick equipment that matches your requirements and budget.

Access Control Management Description
Access Control Management Description

Compatible with Many Access Controllers

The Access Controller Box contains the door management part of the system. It controls the locks on the doors, connects to all the door readers, and attaches to the network. The controller also interfaces with the access control management software.

Fusion-DNA software supports a variety of controllers. For example, it is compatible with Mercury, SAFR, BioConnect, Idemia, EyeLock, Invixium, Aperio, ASSA ABLOY, Schlage, Domakaba, and Isonas controllers.

Support for Biometric Door Readers

Biometric door readers provide very secure control because detecting a person’s attributes is the best way to ensure a person’s identity. Biometric readers are used instead of card readers to open a door. They identify a human characteristic, such as your face or fingerprint, and are much more secure than standard card credentials. Card credentials can be stolen, lost, or given to another person, while a human attribute is difficult to duplicate.

Fusion-DNA supports several biometric readers, such as face recognition, fingerprint, and palm. It is compatible with RealNetworks’s SAFR face recognition reader, BioConnect facial recognition readers, Idemia face and fingerprint readers, and the EyeLock iris authentication reader.

Integrates with IP Camera Video Management Software (VMS)

Integrating access control software with IP camera VMS enhances security management, combining access control data with visual verification that strengthens security measures, improves incident response capabilities, and enhances operational efficiency.

Access Control and Camera Integration
Access Control and Camera Integration

Fusion-DNA works with many Video Management Systems (VMS) such as Ocularis VMS, Hexagon’s Qognify VMS, Milestone,  and Wave.

Customizable Logic Functions

This access control management software includes if/then customization that allows you to provide unique enhancements that meet your organization’s objective.

Fusion-DNA software incorporates a powerful scripting language that helps you handle special events and situations.

Features of Fusion-DNA Access Control Management Software

Fusion-DNA Software
Fusion-DNA Software

Fusion-DNA provides some advanced access control features that make your organization more secure.

·         Building Lockdowns

You can initiate single-door, building, or entire campus lockdowns with a single click from the Fusion-DNA Access Control’s desktop app, web client, or mobile app.

·         Mass Notifications

The access control management software allows you to alert employees and visitors of critical information via SMS or email with a button click.

·         Manage Access Levels

The software makes it easy to grant and revoke access instantly and schedule door access through one integrated platform.

·         Visitor Management

The built-in visitor management capability allows you to register and control visitors. You can check them in and out and run reports within the Access Control software or the Access Control VM kiosk.

·         Automatic Backups

The Access Control software performs automatic daily system backups, helping to eliminate one of the most common flaws in legacy access control technologies.

·         Designed with Redundancy

Multi-server redundancy and load balancing reduce service disruption and provide smooth disaster recovery.

Fusion-DNA on-premise access control solution offers advanced security capabilities, streamlined management, and integration flexibility, making it a robust choice for securing physical environments in various industries, including commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors.

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