Camera Enclosures for Extreme Environments

These special enclosures are designed to protect IP cameras from harsh environments. The first set of IP camera housings is designed to operate in extremely high-temperatures such as blast furnaces, or rocket test viewing. These liquid-cooled enclosures are designed for very high-temperature environments. The second set of enclosures are designed for saltwater applications like marine or coast patrol, industrial or chemical applications, and where external agents are highly corrosive.

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High-Temperature Enclosure for Optical IP Cameras

Features of TVIP-N2XW

  • Made of AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel
  • Steel cylindrical chamber for internal circulation of cooling liquid linked to an external circuit
  • IP66/IP67 Supplied air barrier
  • 2 PG13,5 cable glands nickel-plated brass for external connections
  • Available accessories: camera power supply, air filtering group for glass cleaning, tempered glass (max 260°C (500°F)) quartz glass (max 400°C (752°F)) infrared glass (max 260°C (500°F))
High-Temperature Enclosure
High-Temperature Enclosure

High-Temperature Enclosure for Thermal IP Cameras

The TVIP-N4TW enclosure is a liquid-cooled housing for thermal cameras. Special glass is used to allow proper operation of the thermal camera.

Thermal Camera Enclosure

The enclosure can be equipped with zinc selenide glass designed for thermal video cameras with a wavelength from 7.5μm to 14μm, or sapphire glass for shortwave thermal video cameras, with a wavelength from 0.75μm to 4.5μm.

Features of TVIP-N4TW

  • Made of AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel
  • Steel cylindrical chamber for internal circulation of cooling liquid linked to an
    external circuit
  • Zinc-Selenium glass for thermal cameras, wavelength 7.5 – 14μm (up to
  • Sapphire glass for shortwave thermal cameras, wavelength 0.75 – 4.5μm (up to
  • Designed to operate in high-temperature environments
  • IP66/IP67

Stainless Steel Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Stainless Steel Enclosure

The TVIP-N3XM is an example of some of the stainless steel enclosures available. These housings are used in saltwater and other harsh environments.

Weatherproof IP66/IP68, it provides complete protection against dust and it’s submersible down to 40m (130ft). The options of a wiper and water pump ensure a constant cleaning of the front window For the coldest environments down to -40°C (-40°F), the range includes a specific version with a reinforced heater. The housing can be installed on Pan & Tilt head, to obtain a complete positioning system.

Features of TVIP-N3XM

  • Made of AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel IP66/IP68,
  • Submersible down to -40m (-130ft), equal to 4 bar max pressure
  • Cylindrical body enclosed by two 6mm(0.24in)-thick circular flanges
  • 2 PG13,5 cable glands nickel-plated brass for external connections
  • Available accessories: heater and double heater (for temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F), camera power supply, wiper and washer pump

Stainless Steel PTZ Enclosures for Saltspray and other Extreme Environments

Stainless PTZ Camera System

TVIP-N4XPTZ DELUX pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera system is designed for off-shore or on-shore applications where there are saltwater spray and other corrosive environments.

This is a 2-Megapixel HD PTZ camera that integrates very low-light imaging and encoding technology for outdoor video surveillance, allowing recordings to be produced with incredibly bright and vivid colors both by day and by night.

In addition to improved light sensitivity with outstanding color reproduction and greater noise reduction, the DELUX technology gives an advanced new performance in terms of proportional zoom control.

The system is protected to IP69 standard. This means it not only can be emersed in water, but it can also be cleaned with a high-pressure, high-temperature water jet.


  • Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Camera Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), 60fps
  • Zoom lens: 30X, 4.5mm – 135mm (61.6° wide to 2.5° tele)
  • Minimum Illumination:
    • Color: 0.006lx
    • B/W: 0.0006lx
  • pan 360 continuous rotation, tilt +90 to -90
  • Video compression H.264/AVC, MJPEG, JPEG, and MPEG4
  • Up to 3 simultaneous video streams in FULL HD
  • Operating temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) up to +60°C (140°F)
  • Protection degree: IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69

Dual optical and thermal PTZ camera

There are other enclosures in this family that are designed for different size cameras and for thermal cameras. The range includes different models that can meet the needs of any application:  housings that are adapted for immersion in water, with an air barrier for cleaning or cooling of the front window; housings for Hi-PoE cameras that are powered via Ethernet cable.

These housings can be used in places such as tunnels and high-pollution areas, in underwater monitoring systems, for the management of industrial processes, and in blast furnaces and foundries.

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